Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eliza 3.5

Eliza decided she needed a birthday party. She didn't let up for three weeks. So, I threw her a half birthday party! Fortunately, she has the coolest grandparents ever and those grandparents live nearby. Also fortunate, she loves things from the dollar store.
The menu she selected was french toast casserole, citrus fruit, bacon and sausage (added by Mom), and lemon cupcakes.
She was thrilled to be the center of attention! She loved all her little gifts and reveled in everyone clapping and singing for her.

Danny & Kelli's Wedding

My big brother got married to the most wonderful girl. We traveled down to California for the wedding! Kelli has 4 amazing little girls that get along with my girls like magic. The immediate friendship and love between them was magic. We had a great time playing with them the day before the rehearsal dinner and "rehearsaling".
The rehearsal dinner was casual and tasty and Kelli's parents lovely home. But, the kids were falling apart. Jason was wonderful and took them back to the hotel while Laura and I went to rehearse at the Church.
What can I say about the rehearsal. Um, it was hilarious. I totally failed at my Song of Solomon reading to the point that every member of the audience was guffawing. (We changed the reading to one about Rebecca for the actual ceremony.) The lady leading the rehearsal kept talking to us about "rehearsaling" and acted like we knew what to do - we didn't. Fortunately, the rehearsal was not indicative of the actual ceremony.
On the wedding day we went swimming, the set up the reception/dinner area and went out to lunch with all the family that came down. Then we all got beautified and took pictures in Danny and Kelli's backyard.
The ceremony was lovely and I did my part without stumbling. So glad we changed my reading. I loved the one I did for the ceremony. Danny came out of the ceremony looking so happy! Really, that was the best part: seeing my brother looking so happy!
The reception was a grand time. There was much laughter, playing, eating of good food, and picture taking.
Oh, and we got them a groundhog as part of their gift. If you're getting married on Groundhog Day, you need a stuffed groundhog, right?!