Saturday, June 29, 2013

Disneyland June 2013

After Eliza had asked to go to Disneyland every day for months, we decided to break from our regular schedule and go in June.  It did not feel nearly as crowded as we thought it would (because of the increased staff and shows) and we had an amazing trip!

Our favorite things were dancing with Mary Poppins, new Fantasy Faire and princess shows, the new show "Mickey and the Magical Map", and character breakfasts!

It was magical and perfect, and we are ready to go again.  If only the girls weren't so busy...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Jason's Father's Day began on Saturday.  We went to a movie "Monsters University" and ate ribs with my folks.  The girls painted pictures for all the dads this year!
On the actual day, we gave him our gifts.  Some family traditions came into play: 1 - We always open presents first thing in the morning if we can; why wait?! 2 - The girls get daddy Disney and Jazz shirts!  This year he got classy ones :)
That night we spent with Jason's family at a BBQ at his folks' house.  It was a lovely time!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sara @ 6 Years Old

I don't do as well getting these posts done when she isn't required to do a visit to the doctor near her birthday.  But, I did get the requisite video done for 6 years old right on time!  Isn't she adorable?!

Turn up the volume so you can hear her read AA Milne's "Now We are Six"
Here are the results of her birthday interview:
Favorite Color: purple
Best Friend: Jesus, Mom & Dad, Hailey, Keira, Creed and Sisters
Favorite toy: drawing, swings downstairs
Favorite place to be: Disneyland, St. George
Favorite movie: Tarzan
Favorite book: Creamed Tuna Fish and Peas on Toast, Spiderwick Chronicles, Percy Jackson Series
Favorite food: Salmon, Fondue
Favorite treat: Mommy's cookies
Favorite activity: dancing, reading, swimming
Favorite TV show: H2O, Sabrina the Teenage Witch
She is incredibly empathetic, flexible, funny, opinionated and confident.  She works super hard at the things she finds important like reading and dancing.  Sara gives the best hugs in the entire world!
We love our Sara so much!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Misc Summer Fun

Too many small summer things to do a post about each.  So, I'm putting them all - with their terrible phone pics - here!

I found a wonderful sale on our favorite princess and fairy dresses - we're talking only $7 or $10 per dress.  I stocked up, then cleaned out the old and organized.  There have been HOURS and hours of fun and performances!
We went to the zoo on Memorial Day.  We went right when it opened to avoid crowds, which worked.  All the new stuff is wonderful - I loved having seals and a polar bear. It was so wonderful that we bought annual passes.  So, if you want to come with me, I can get two people in for free!
 We've been spending time at parks with friends and holding new babies!
I hosted book group.  We have been going through the authors that are coming the the BFYR symposium that I'll be attending.  I'm glad to have read everything of theirs before attending.  Oh, I did the most delicious and simple treat for this one - strawberry shortcake with berries and pound cake from Costco and some fresh whipped cream.
Jason hasn't been able to work at his office while they've been remodeling.  So, he did a lot of work one night so we could spend the next day at the pool!  Great times!
 We've had our first hawaiian shaved ice of the season.  I forget how delicious they are!  The little girls love orange dreamsicle, I love passion fruit, and Jason and Laura go for Tigers Blood.

Bear Lake Adventure

My parents wanted to do a reconnaisance mission for our family reunion this July at Bear Lake.  I wanted to join them to scope out photography stuff as well.  So, we had a big day trip.  It was a grand adventure!  The kids were remarkably good in the car.  We stopped first in Logan to see the temple.
Then it was on to Bear Lake.  I loved the big overlook site, but it was COLD!  However, we braved the elements for a while to read the informational signs.  I love an informational sign!
From there we went down to check out the lodge and scope out locations for the treasure hunt.  There sure weren't many.  My folks have their work cut out for them.  The lodge looks amazing and I'm thrilled we will all be together!
A quick five minute walk took us from the lodge down to the beach.  We loved touching the water - fortunately no one fell in.  Also we saw a big group of pelicans and adored checking out the turquoise water from lots of views.  The walkway out into the water was super neat and one of my favorite photo spots!
Pelicans just to the left of us in this pic!
I took way too many pictures trying out different backgrounds.  I think there will plenty of options in a small general area and the pictures should turn out nicely!  I liked many of these!  Have I mentioned how much I love that my girls are so good at pictures now?!  They stand right where I tell them (quickly), look right at the camera and smile the first time!  Love it!!
I think the girls favorite part was discovering small reeds growing near the lake.  They loved that they were hollow and had paintbrush tops.  Picking ones of different size was great fun.  So was hiding them at the lodge to see if they would still be there when we came back in July for the reunion.
We ate lunch at a place right next to the lodge.  The food was good, but more importantly we found out they would cater dinners for us!  Yay for no one being stuck in the kitchen at the reunion!  We also drove to check out boat/watercraft rental places.  We did a lot of research.
The research was successful and the trip a grand way to spend a day! Can you believe we went to three states in one day in the middle of the big west?! I love adventures!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Graduation Day Part Two: Eliza's Preschool Graduation

Yes, the two graduations were on the same day with a 45 minute break between the two. It was a crazy morning!

Eliza's Preschool graduation had singing, reciting, and big smiles! My face hurt from grinning at such cuteness overload!
With her teacher: Miss Amber
She also knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how to style her hair; super adorable, Eliza! She was not so happy that we had to cover up her choices with Daddy's big shirt. It was on only the shortest amount of required time.
Itwas awesome that she got to share the day with her cousin and BFF Makayla. They really learned to love each other through preschool this year and it thrills me!
I got pictures of the graduates with the grandparents this time!