Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sara Rosie at 9 years old

Sara Rosie decided to forego a birthday party this year in favor of getting a Darth Vader collectible light saber.  Yes, she is that cool!

Her other big presents this year were to redo her bedroom with a new comforter and curtains.

She selected pie as her birthday treat!

I'm back on it this year and here are the results of her birthday interview:

Best Friend: Alenna (dance), Rylee and Bailee (school), Lily and Annie (neighbors)
Favorite Entertainment: tumbling, play with sisters
Favorite place to be: with my family at Disneyland
Favorite movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Favorite music: Meghan Trainor
Favorite book: Savvy
Favorite food: Crock pot Creamy Italian Chicken, Bread
Favorite treat: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Ghiradelli, Cinnamon Rolls
Favorite activity: Dance
Favorite TV show:  Great British Baking Show, Cosby Show
She is very organized and is wonderful about having joy in anyone else's success.  She is super smart and a very deep thinker; super scientific.  Rosie is very stylish and loves being with her friends.  She also got to start her beloved cello and is doing so great with it.  How we love our Sara Rosie!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Dance Competitions 2016

Both Sara Rosie and Eliza made competition teams at dance this year.  Eliza is in Pee Wee, and Rosie is in Diva.  They had a wonderful year and did spectacularly at their final concert as well as every competition.  They participated in 4 competitions this year in addition to their final concert.
Eliza's team clockwise from Eliza:  Lexi, Jersey, Hailey, Emma, Capri,  Ellory, Presley, Ellory, Alanna, Olivia, Sadie
Sara Rosie's Team clockwise from Rosie:  Olivia, Alenna, Annie, Addison, Chloe, Brylie, Shayna, Brooklyn. 
Eliza's two dances this year were "Too Many Fish" and "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy".  She had so much fun with her friends and danced beautifully every competition.

This year, Rosie got to do her first Lyrical piece "Have a Little Faith" and then rocked out in "Americano". She has really improved this year and watching her dance made me so proud.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Laura in Jane Eyre

Laura was cast as Young Jane in Jane Eyre at Hale Center Theater Orem.  It ran for a month and a half and was such an amazing experience.  She performed with very experienced and professional actors and learned so much!

She got better and better as the run went on, singing and acting so beautifully.  It was a difficult and demanding role, and she acted with maturity and serious skill.  I was so proud of her!  (**Many pictures courtesy of Suzy O Photography from Hale Center Theater Orem)
Laura made many new friends and was grateful for all the friends and family who came out to support her.
Her hair was super tricky for this one (historically accurate curls), but she looked so perfect playing oppposite her old Jane and I enjoyed the time catching up with her each day as we curled.
She also earned a paycheck for the first time!  Well done, Laura!!