Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Sunday

Once again, my camera was noticeably absent.  But, Easter Sunday was lovely!  The girls wore their purple dresses and I got some acceptable pictures of their cuteness.
Sara was thrilled to bring her own set of scriptures to church.  All the girls enjoyed their new church bags.
I got to sit on the stand with the Senior Primary as they sung a wonderful Easter primary hymn that I had not previously been familiar with.  We sang it all day long and it helped keep the spirit and thoughts of the resurrection with us on my favorite holiday.  Thank you to our amazing primary song leader for introducing me to this gem!

Jason's folks came over for Easter dinner.  Once again, I forgot to take photos.  We had ham, rolls, asparagus, quinoa, salad, and cupcakes.  It was lovely!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Bunny Day

Easter Bunny day was a lot of fun this year.  The bunny hid Laura's egg's a bit harder.  We found her last plastic one on Monday - 9 days after the bunny hid it.  Eliza was very helpful to Laura, however.
Their baskets held scripture bags, a book, a solid chocolate bunny, stickers and other candies.  Sara's held her very own set of scriptures.  The bunny always brings scriptures to the kids when they have learned how to read.
Eliza was incredibly excited about the whole thing.  Her amazement about candy being all around the house was fantastic.  She would bop around saying, "Mommy, Look! I found some-ting.  Look!"  Jason and I took turns following her around with her basket.  It was great fun!
That night we had my parents over for Easter dinner.  For some reason I did not take pictures of the beautiful table or massive spread.  We had salmon, couscous, asparagus, grilled pineapple (a successful experiment) cabbage salad, and a berry version of the root beer float cupcakes.
It was a wonderful day of fun family time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Egg Dyeing Ratio: 1.25 to 1

I don't think we could successfully or cleanly dye eggs without the help of my parents.  Fortunately, they were willing to come help again this year and we had a great time!
As a side note: Laura had been really sick, so we waited until the night before Easter Bunny Day to dye our eggs.  This made poor Sara need some special time, so she helped me deliver some treats to my girlfriends.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday Melinda Dear!

Happy birthday to the most amazing, brilliant, beautiful, gorgeous, fun, incredible, loving, caring, team mate, mommy, and friend in the entire universe. Somehow I tricked her into marrying me and she has stuck around for almost 10 years now making me the absolute luckiest boy in the entire world. I love you more than anything, my Love. Always and forever!!! Have an incredible birthday!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

January Disneyland Video

Eliza asks to go to "zheeland" at least once a day. So, a few weeks ago I got our Disney vacation video done. It's ridiculously long, but she ADORES it!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Laura's Choir Concert

Laura had her school choir concert last {pause while I go check our google calendar} Friday, March 30th. She and her best school friend, Mia had decided to do choir together and had a great time. She had practiced really hard and was even selected via audition for a solo and a special group performance. It was a wonderful program and Laura was AMAZING.
Both sets of grandparents came out to support her. And her sisters adored watching her and cheering her on!
It was a lovely evening of music and family!

Friday, April 06, 2012

What a Week!

It has been a busy week around our house.  And, I have no pictures of anything.

Saturday was the busiest with: lots of errands and scanning and basement organizing, a party for Creed, Creed coming over to play with us for a few hours and crazy amounts of kid bike riding, and going to egg some of our friends.  Fortunately, Sunday was a wonderful day of rest.

This week I have passed 2 kidney stones, ridden my bike or trainer 45 miles (yet I still feel out of shape), got a new phone and am still struggling on how to work it, was amazed that I used to be cool as I relived my Miss Provo year, and done some spring cleaning.

Jason went through an emotional rollercoaster and huge decision-making process and accepted an offer for a new job that he'll start at the end of this month, built a new shelf for behind the couch (much more attractive storage), and set up my phone for me.

We ordered a shed.  We've had approval from the HOA for 2 years and finally decided to bite the bullet and put it in.  I need more room for bicycles in the garage.  As a side note, I have 2 lovely neighbors and am choosing not to say anymore.  Also, we had to get new tires on the van.  Might I recommend you get them from here not here, if you can't get them from Costco?  Once again, I'm going to choose to say no more.  I'm happy to check them off the list.

Laura did wonderfully on an audition despite being sick. Eliza has also been sick and has lived in the bathtub.  Sara has not gotten enough attention because both of her sisters were sick, but still has made major strides on reading.