Monday, March 31, 2014

Quick Cabin Checkup

The weather was gorgeous one day last week, so Eliza and I went to check on the cabin with my folks.  It was a beautiful drive and a beautiful day.  I can't wait until we can open the cabin for the season and we'll be able to escape regularly!

Laura's Vocal Adjudication

Laura did so well at her adjudication that it deserved it's own post.  An adjudication works in the following manner:  ratings are given from two adjudicators who are generally professors and must be trained as adjudicators; ratings go from 5 to 1 with one being the best and the potential for a + or - to further refine; ratings are given for three levels Junior High, High School, and Adult; two contrasting songs are sung and it must fit in a 6 minute time period.  Fascinating and so new for us.  Laura squeezed into the Junior High level even though she isn't technically old enough.  She sang Glocca Mora and Live Out Loud.

There were about 100 people who got judged at the Hale Adjudications that day.  We were told that of those only three got 1s from both judges.  Laura was one of those, and her vocal teacher and another vocal instructor got the other 1/1 ratings.  Laura came out with a 1/1+ rating!  Yay Laura!!

Here are scanned copies of her adjudication sheets.

St. George Competition Weekend

Our crazy schedules continue.  Sara had her first real competition in St. George this weekend.  Laura had her first vocal adjudication at the same time.  Fortunately, my parents took Laura to her adjudication and a birthday party while we were out of town.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

We got into St. George late Friday night and amazing Andrea came and got me for treats and getting caught up.  Seriously, I have the best friends ever!!  Thank you for making my weekend, Andrea!
We got Sara ready and took her to the competition.  She began with Call Me Maybe and looked adorable and danced well! I really struggled taking pictures as I forgot my good lens.  They got 4th place for this dance.
Only 20 numbers later she did Burnin' Love and they were overwhelmingly cute!  She danced and smiled her heart out and was adorable!  They took 1st place on this dance.
Eliza loved watching the dances and cheering on her sister.  I think she's ready to be on team herself!
She was done by 11:30, so we grabbed lunch and drove home.  We got home in time that Laura and I were able to watch General Women's Meeting with my Mom.  It was wonderful and uplifting!  Check out how I found our hands.
We went home and got to hear all about Laura's adjudication.  Apparently she totally wowed the judges when she sang Glocca Mora followed by Live Out Loud where they asked her how old she was and told her she should do singing as a career.  Pretty awesome from vocal college professors.  I'll put the results here when I get them on Friday.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sara's First Team Performance

Sara Rosie's team got asked to perform a filler number at PGHS Drill performance.  We got her all dressed up in her "Burnin' Love" costume and went to the school.
She knew every move and was right on the entire piece.  Her smile and flexibility were a huge hit.  None of the rest of the family could stop smiling either.  You rock, Rose!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

It was a school day and Laura performed that night, so we kept this year's St. Patrick's day celebrations a bit more mellow.  But, with a last name like my maiden name, there has to be some celebrating.  We had a "Top O' the Mornin'" breakfast for dinner the night before with the Irish grandparents.  My parents brought the breakfast meats to go along with rainbow fruit, pints, and french toast casserole.
I painted the girls' nails green, except Laura who had to perform and got only a shamrock.  Uniform shirts were waived for the day and they all wore shamrock shirts that I got online for $2 each.
It was a fun little holiday!

Laura's Pinocchio Play

Laura got cast as Pinocchio in "My Son Pinocchio" with AFYT.  So, she spent several months rehearsing while I spend several months organizing costumes, sewing, and shopping.  It played last weekend.
She was utterly fantastic!  I couldn't take my eyes off her.  She never stopped acting; never missed a cue or note; and shone onstage!  That girl has found her niche and can seriously sing and act!!  She got to work with Jules again and met new friends.  This is such a wonderful experience!
Laura had tons of support in this leading role!  Thank you everyone who came and supported her and our family!! (I don't have pictures of everyone as my camera went defunct on Thursday, but here's a good representation.)

(As an aside, this is the most work I have ever done on costumes and was really proud of the results!  With Mom's help we got Laura looking iconic and I sewed or put together tons of other costumes.  I adore working with the ladies on the costume committee as well as all the others involved in the play.  It is so great to be with intelligent and talented women who put their children first.)

Jeff and Marilee's Wedding

My brother Steve's oldest child, Jeff, got married on March 8th.  It was our crazy day and I was so blessed to be in the temple, surrounded by the love of family and feeling the peace of the Savior.
That night we went to a lovely dinner in Bountiful and stayed for a few minutes of the reception.  The toasts made me so happy - I cried and laughed.  (Don't Jeff and Marilee have great initials? Oh, and I forgot my camera in the hustle and bustle of the day.)
The next Saturday, March 15th, was the open house in this valley.  We got to work with the family in the morning setting up Jen's super fun and lovely vision of a "weather" reception.  (Jeff is going to be a meteorologist and has wanted to do this as long as I can remember.)  Then we partied with the family that night.
As an aside, my girls sure love Jeff and Marilee!  They are so sweet to them.  When Eliza saw them walk in, she just ran up and hugged them.  There really is nothing better than family that can work, laugh, love and support one another!  I am so blessed to have siblings and their remarkable kids nearby!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Eliza Style

Eliza has a serious sense of style! She still doesn't wear pants and knows exactly what she likes. Many days she dresses up. (Most of these are terrible phone pics, but I had to include them)
Other days she must wear all her favorite color: pink. Then again, she might want to wear a uniform like sisters.
 She loves to wear my old dress. She gave her Grandma and Grandpa quite the memories one day as they were already looking through memory boxes. In this pic, she is wearing my dress and holding a flower that my dad gave my mom when they were dating more than 50 years ago.
She loves her hairdos and accessories as well. My niece makes awesome princess bows that she adores wearing. She's trying out no bangs and loves to paint her fingernails and toenails.
Eliza also loves the tub and could spend all morning playing in there. She loves wearing her pink kitty towel when she gets out.
Other days, she and I snuggle and sport our slippers!
How I love my opinionated, stylish, 4 yr old girl!