Monday, March 31, 2014

St. George Competition Weekend

Our crazy schedules continue.  Sara had her first real competition in St. George this weekend.  Laura had her first vocal adjudication at the same time.  Fortunately, my parents took Laura to her adjudication and a birthday party while we were out of town.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

We got into St. George late Friday night and amazing Andrea came and got me for treats and getting caught up.  Seriously, I have the best friends ever!!  Thank you for making my weekend, Andrea!
We got Sara ready and took her to the competition.  She began with Call Me Maybe and looked adorable and danced well! I really struggled taking pictures as I forgot my good lens.  They got 4th place for this dance.
Only 20 numbers later she did Burnin' Love and they were overwhelmingly cute!  She danced and smiled her heart out and was adorable!  They took 1st place on this dance.
Eliza loved watching the dances and cheering on her sister.  I think she's ready to be on team herself!
She was done by 11:30, so we grabbed lunch and drove home.  We got home in time that Laura and I were able to watch General Women's Meeting with my Mom.  It was wonderful and uplifting!  Check out how I found our hands.
We went home and got to hear all about Laura's adjudication.  Apparently she totally wowed the judges when she sang Glocca Mora followed by Live Out Loud where they asked her how old she was and told her she should do singing as a career.  Pretty awesome from vocal college professors.  I'll put the results here when I get them on Friday.


  1. It was so good to see you Melinda - it made my weekend! Sara looks so cute! Congrats Sara on doing so well at your competition. And Congrats Laura, I can't wait to see your official results. I love the picture of your hands - what a great shot.

  2. It was an incredibly fun and busy weekend. That's what happens when you have amazing and talented girls! It's a high class problem. All of our girls are amazing and I'm so proud of you, Laura and Rosie!!!