Monday, March 31, 2014

Laura's Vocal Adjudication

Laura did so well at her adjudication that it deserved it's own post.  An adjudication works in the following manner:  ratings are given from two adjudicators who are generally professors and must be trained as adjudicators; ratings go from 5 to 1 with one being the best and the potential for a + or - to further refine; ratings are given for three levels Junior High, High School, and Adult; two contrasting songs are sung and it must fit in a 6 minute time period.  Fascinating and so new for us.  Laura squeezed into the Junior High level even though she isn't technically old enough.  She sang Glocca Mora and Live Out Loud.

There were about 100 people who got judged at the Hale Adjudications that day.  We were told that of those only three got 1s from both judges.  Laura was one of those, and her vocal teacher and another vocal instructor got the other 1/1 ratings.  Laura came out with a 1/1+ rating!  Yay Laura!!

Here are scanned copies of her adjudication sheets.


  1. Wow!!! Way to go Laura!!!

  2. It is so incredible! It's nice to have that confirmation that she really can sing amazingly well and that we're not just biased parents. I couldn't be more proud of our angel girl. She works so hard and it's really paying off!

  3. How awesome for Laura! It's been so fun to see her grow with each performance that we have come to see. She is definitely a rock star!