Monday, April 15, 2013

St. George Spring Break

We went to St. George to find some sun (along with what seemed like half the state) over spring break. We drove down on Thursday and arrived at noon. We spent a couple hours at Jason's sister Keri's house and then we all (her younger kids, us, grandma and grandpa) went to play in the sand dunes up snow canyon.
The girls adored the time in the sand! It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!
That night we ate dinner with even more family (Todd's family joined us) and then did a quick drive through Zion.
The next day we spent our whole time at Zion! Eliza is one amazing little hiker! We hiked to all of the emerald pools (lower, middle and upper) and took the long way down. She kept up! She had help from her big girl cousins and eventually bonked, but she probably hiked 6 miles on her own that day and all uphill!
After a lovely lunch, we went to Weeping Rock. Then we all wore out along the River Walk.
Time with family, time in the sun, made for a lovely little getaway. Unfortunately, it did not quench our desire for Disney. But, we do now want to go to Arches.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy First Day of Spring Break

It was pouring rain the first day of spring break. So, we went on some indoor adventures. My parents were great sports and came along with us.

We began at BYU's MOA. The girls got to see some works by Minerva Teichert and Rembrandt, look at Native American clothing, and were remarkably great.
After the MOA we stopped for treats at Provo Bakery. Laura's school BFF's family owns the bakery and she got to see them there.  Let me just say: YUM!

By then the rain had slowed some, so we went to see the progress on the new Provo Temple. It was crazy to see it up on stilts!
Despite the weather, it was a lovely day full of fun and adventure!  Please excuse the phone pics.

SLC Weekend

Every so often, I need a break from my job. So, we booked Jason's neice Keslie (thank you!) and had a weekend in SLC together. It was heavenly!

There was delicious food. Treats from Les Madeleines - oh Kouing Amann how I love you! Dinner at Biaggi's. Brunch at Little America - Eggs Benedict deliciousness! Dessert at Toucanos.

We had incredibly successful shopping for clothes for me - and some success for Jason. Can you say leather jacket for $40?! I finally found wrinkle-free shirts for women. Yay, I am really looking forward to my birthday gifts this year!

Our entertainment was amazing! We had great seats to watch the Jazz beat the Nets and were able to stay for post game. Also, we went to see the Mummies of the World exhibit at The Leonardo. It was amazing - and we were so glad we didn't have the kids!
The sleep was wonderful! Eating warm food was great! But, holding Jason's hand was the best part!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter Bunny Day stuck around this year. We dyed eggs and tried a new technique of drizzling them with rubber cement.
The girls had a great Saturday morning! Their eggs were filled with tiny nail polishes, Lindor balls, and other candy. Their baskets were filled with coloring items, wind up toys, and a personalized chocolate bunny.
They also got new baskets this year, since Mommy hates taking up an entire storage tub to keep the Easter baskets. They collapse and I love them.

Good Friday

It's amazing how much we can get done when Jason doesn't have work and I'm not passing a kidney stone!  Eliza kept smacking herself on her iron scroll daybed, and her blackout roller shade fell down.  We were not sleeping, so we had to do something.

We bought Laura a queen mattress set that she can take with her when she leaves the house.  (Amazing deal and great mattress HERE)  Eliza got Laura's old full/double set.  However, poor Eliza didn't have anything to go with her new bed.

So, we bought a quilt at Kohls - we had a 30% off coupon.  Then we found coordinating fabric and built her a headboard but we did it more cheaply with inexpensive foam and more easily by doing just a simple rectangle.  Building the headboard and buying the quilt set also enabled us to infuse the room with pink (her favorite color) without having to paint like we did for Sara.  (Stupid latex allergy, and I still love having my youngest in a "great green room")  With my parents help, and not counting shopping time, the whole project cost around $60 and 2 hours of work.  Eliza says it is pretty and comfy!!
I still haven't made the coordinating curtains, but I love how it's all coming together.  We all love the increased comfort and sleep.  Now, if only I could find the energy to paint my own bedroom and make master bathroom curtains...someday.

Girl Pics February 2013

We took updated pictures of the girls to hand out to Grandmas and hang on the wall downstairs. I kept meaning to do it earlier (Laura deserved to have pictures without braces) but things like illness and accidental bang cuttings got in the way. Better late than never. Here are some of my favorites.

All Three Girls




Enchanted Sleeping Beauty - Laura's Play

AFYT, the group that does the summer plays, did a play just for 3rd - 6th graders. Laura got the great role of the "Orange Fairy" in the production! She was so much fun to watch as she was onstage so often and said quite a few lines. It was also great to hear her sing - even a little solo.
We all loved seeing this play! It was just the right length - an hour - and a familiar story! So many friends and family came to support her. The whole experience was wonderful!!
She made lots of friends and the fairies were the hit of the production. Laura signed autographs, hugged kids, and took pictures just like she was a character at Disney. It was a great experience!
In other news, we were crazy to do two plays at once! Also, costuming for kids this small was epic - we had to make almost everything. I put in so many hours! But, it turned out so beautiful and to be such an amazing experience that I would do it all over again. I'm sure we will next year!
A big "Thank You" to everyone who came to support her in her plays! She (and me) felt so loved by all the support!! Oh, and the girls all got skirts like I made for the ensemble, so they did benefit from some of my hours behind the machine. Please excuse the phone photos.