Monday, April 01, 2013

Sara's Kindy 500

Kindergarten at our school has a big day where the kids drive around cars they have made and review all they have learned about important sites in America. First they parade through the school and then end up in the gym for the big event. Sara made (or, rather her parents made) a princess car for her to drive around in! It was an old dress-up chest decorated with things from the silhouette and drawn by a blown-up horse. Isn't she adorable?
Then I got to be the Statue of Liberty during the actual event. I taught the kids, dressed up and handed out pennies. It was so much fun! (And I learned a lot about the statue.)
They ended with a song and my patriotic heart and little cup of joy at watching adorable Sara just about burst!


  1. Sara is so stinking cute in that princess "horse-drawn" carriage. That was such a good idea, my Love!!! You're brilliant!!!!

    She loved it and had a blast. I love that little Sara Sue!!!

  2. I love that she had a blow up horse for her carriage, so cute. I love your Statue of Liberty costume, awesome.

  3. What a beautiful princess....not to mention she can sing and dance with the best of them!