Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Well, we've all (excepting Jason, knock on wood) been sick throughout Easter time - and we're still sick. (Colds, coughs and a kidney stone.) Fortunately, we still had fun.

The eggs were dyed on Thursday. Yes, it took 4 adults to help 3 children dye eggs without a disastrous mess. We survived and the kids had fun.
On Friday, I went into Laura's classroom (one of the only days she's been to school in the past 2 weeks) and ran the easter party. Here class consists of 80% girls so I went craft centric with this bunny magnet and the bunny kisses. I also used Oriental trading for little activity books (Sara has loved these leftovers), we sang a silly song and had a treat. I had originally planned to do "bunny sack" races as well, but the weather did not cooperate. The party was fun and I loved it and the kids sure seemed to love it!
Easter Bunny Day happened once again on Saturday. The girls all loved the hunt and their baskets. Eliza "got" the hunt and was so much fun to watch. All baskets this year held candy, silly bands, Pez (Sara's fave), Lindor Balls, Super Bouncy Balls (Eliza's and Laura's fave) and wind up toys. Eliza had a fun Cinderella Dress Up as her big prize - which she happily shared. The big girls got kites - which we have yet to use because we're all still sick.
We had to miss church on Sunday. I was super bummed because it is one of my favorite Sundays with the focus on the Resurrection and seeing all the little girls (mine especially) in their Easter dresses. Fortunately, Jason managed to get the ham in the oven, my drugs kicked in, and we had a beautiful Easter dinner in our pajamas.
It was a wonderful holiday. And, just so anyone reading this can know...I Know that My Redeemer Lives!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Birfday

I'm a year older. And I felt surrounded by love this past week. Yep, I was super lucky and the celebrations spanned several days. I have really hit the age where presents are not so important; it's all about spending time with the people I love. That is my favorite birthday present and I got lots of that this year.

My girls took me out on Wednesday for some lovely party shopping and a delicious dinner. Karyn came over during the day that day and we did some crafting together - I don't get to do that kind of thing enough anymore because of all the kids, so it was an extra treat.
Thursday, Jason and I went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU (I now want to travel to Denmark) and we went out for sushi. Thank you to my parents for watching the girlies so we could go and thoroughly enjoy ourselves.

Friday, Jason had the day off work (Spring Break for Laura) so we went to lunch with my parents. Then, Saturday my brother Danny and his family came into town from CA, and we had a big family party to celebrate mine and my sister's birthdays. It was the highlight of the week for me.
On my actual day the girls awakened me (I slept it until 9 - delicious) with much singing and breakfast in bed. Then I made a huge pasta salad and my brother's fam, my folks and our fam went for a picnic and hike up to Bridal Veil Falls. It was windy, but such a good time.
Thank you to everyone who spent time with me and made my birthday so special. Can it be my birthday again next week too??

PS: Jason's mom had me over the next weekend for a delicious (all my favorites) dinner and time spent together. A special bonus is that grandma great came over as requested by Laura.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Pics 2011

I had this epiphany that before Laura got her braces, I should take pictures of the girls. I had this realization on Thursday and Laura's braces appointment was on Friday. Oh, and I was REALLY behind on Eliza's 18 month pictures. So, Jason and I took the pictures on Friday morning.

Unfortunately it was raining outside and the lighting wasn't ideal, but we got a few good shots. They aren't perfect, but they'll do.

Laura was perfect for her pictures. Honestly, I don't think that girl can take a bad picture. All fault for a bad pic of her has to do with her inept picture taking mama.
Sara shocked me and was also amazing. Surgery has done her wonders and she is such a good girl for everything now.
Eliza was difficult. I seem to remember 18 month pictures of the other girls also being ridiculously hard. However, being at home did make the experience better. I came away from it with some good shots and not completely frazzled.
The pictures of the three girls: they are acceptable. At least they are all looking at the camera and no one is crying. That's really all I can ask for with kids this age, right?!


Holy Moly! Laura has braces; yep, I feel "ancient of days".

Her mouth is so tiny that we took her to an orthodontist rather early. Since she was losing two baby teeth for each permanent tooth, we decided to get her braces now. Hopefully this will make braces later either non-existent or really short.
She was amazing at the appointment and loves being so big that she has braces. She is super fastidious about them and is adorable.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Second Grade Spring Sing

My parents, Sara, Eliza, Creed, and I went to see Laura's second grade singing performance on Friday. Laura adores singing and performing so I was excited to watch her.
She started off the whole program by welcoming everyone and introducing the pieces they were to sing.
It was energetic and fun. Laura had a great time. The little kids also loved it and sat beautifully for the entire time.
Elementary school is great!!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Backwards Day

Sara is a new woman since her surgery! She is loving preschool and learning so much so quickly. There are no more clinging spells on the way in and she has just exploded in her learning. I took way too many pictures of her on backwards day at preschool this week, but I had to document what a turnaround she has had in her attitude towards preschool.
She had so much fun wearing her shirt backwards and her hair backwards as well. However, we couldn't stop there and she had to wear her jacket backwards as well. She is such a goofball and walked backwards and wore her backpack on her front the whole time. I adore this happy, funny, quick-learning Sara.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

First Fry Fest

We own a deep fryer. We rarely use it. I hate the smell and the mess. So, we decided to make it a tradition and use it twice a year over General Conference weekend...we're calling it "Fry Fest."
I used my homemade bread recipe to make scones and we shared them with lots of family. I also discovered a wonderful local product to put on my scones - this honeybutter is so much better than the squeeze bottle! It was great to share a session of conference and brunch with family!
We had a real party with Jason's family on Conference Saturday. Things just worked out to get a lot of people together, so we threw together a super casual party. It was a great time.
Then we tried out one of my favorite foods that I have never made at home - shrimp tempura. Thanks to a batter mix, dipping sauce in a bottle, and Jason as an amazing fry cook, it was remarkably simple. We did the shrimp as well as zuchinni and sweet potatoes. It was the best tempura I have ever tasted. This will definitely make the next fry fest menu! Oh, and Laura thought it was the best stuff ever!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

When in Rome

Laura and I got to see two of my nephews perform in their junior high musical - When in Rome. Laura was enthralled. I don't think she moved for the entire 2 hour performance. Yep, that girl is definitely going to sing and act some day. Oh, and did I mention that she and her cousin Kaitlyn held hands the entire time. ADORABLE!
My nephews were fabulous! Joseph had a leading role and I loved watching him in his element. I also really loved watching my brother watch his sons.
Alex had the coolest costume ever! And I enjoyed capturing pictures of them onstage with my new-ish zoom lens.
There is nothing better than having family close by! More pictures available for a limited time on the site.