Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sara Rosie's Space Birthday Party

Sara Rosie wants to be an astrophysicist.  So, she had her birthday party at Discovery Space Center.

They were wonderfully accommodating and did a class on space before the private mission.  The kids made rockets and had so much fun!  They launched them to see which went the farthest.
Then it was inside for the mission.  Rosie picked herself as captain and the kids had a great time working together.
We ended with pizza and donuts instead of cake.  It was a great time and she loved it!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Laura's 6th Grade Graduation

Between flying rehearsals and dress rehearsal, Laura was able to barely squeeze in and attend her 6th Grade Graduation.
Congratulations on graduating, Laura!  And, doing it in an accelerated timeline.  We are proud of you and love you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dr. Dolittle Jr - Laura

Laura got cast in HCTO's youth production of Dr. Dolittle Jr.
She had an amazing time learning how to use a marionette.  Her friend Jeanette made the dog marionette "Jip" and taught her how to work all 10 strings.  She's excited to put this skill on her resume.
She gave Jip so much personality that kids couldn't help but reach out to try to pet it.  I often found myself losing the story because I was watching her make it scratch, wag, run, sit, shake, steal food, etc.
It was a very complex and difficult skill to do while singing, acting, changing, and performing and she pulled it off with panache and maturity.  She never had a tangled string or broke character throughout the entire play.  That dog ran around with her everywhere, jumped on furniture, and I never saw her miss a beat.  Well done!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sara Rosie School Stuff

I got to come to Sara Rosie's class twice at the end of school.  We all watched her perform her class musical, "Glow".  She had the lead role of ladybug and did an amazing job.  She memorized tons of lines and delivered them with piles of personality, "Well, I eat them."
I also got to listen to her read her fractured fairy tale and see her Whale report.  She is a great student and it was so fun to see her in her element.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Dance Teams and Dance Competitions

The little girls each made dance team this year.  Eliza in the Pee Wee Team Sara Rosie did last year, and Rosie moved up to the Mini Team.
Clockwise from Eliza: Brecken, Josie, Brooklyn, Paisley, Kaitlyn, Camden, Paisley, Ciera, Jersey, Capri, and Eliza
Clockwise from Rosie: Avery, Ava, Ashlyn, Brylie, Annie, Brinley, Raylie, Olivia, Chloe, Kennedy, Stella, Kennedi, Rylie, Rachel, and Sara Rosie
They love wearing their team jackets that we got them for Christmas!  It's so fun to announce at school and at competitions that they are part of a team.
We have done all 4 competitions and enjoyed watching the girls in every one.  This year they were Draper, St. George, Sandy, and Roy.

Eliza's two dances this year are Supercalifragilistic and Echa Pa Lante.
 Rosie's two dances are Big and Loud, and A Little Party.
The St. George Competition weekend was one of the most hectic weekends ever.  Laura had her vocal adjudications that weekend again, but this time they were crammed right in the middle of callbacks for one of her dream roles - "Jane" in Mary Poppins.  Thank heavens for my parents who helped it through all of it, and thank heavens we had just gotten her own phone!

The other weekends have also been busy and we have utilized both sets of Grandparents to get Laura to and from rehearsal while we were at the competition.  Thanks, folks!