Friday, May 30, 2014

Sara Rosie's Dance Competitions

Sara Rosie did 4 competitions this year with her dance team: the one in St. George, Herriman, SLC, and Ogden.  One of their dances got first place in every one of the competitions.  The cuteness is just overwhelming and I'm afraid that I cried every time I watched her.

We did a bit of dividing and conquering for the competitions I took the Herriman while Jason did callbacks, and Jason did Ogden while I did Wonka.  Fortunately, we were all available for SLC and my parents came as well.  We all cried!
Then we made a quick trip to see some historic family SLC stuff and got some lunch together.  It was so much fun!
 They did professional pictures of the team (with "pretty" hair) and I had to order them.
Clockwise from Sara Rosie: Paisley, Josie, Ciera, Jersey, Brooklyn, Avery, Fay, and Sara Rosie
And I got individuals of her at the same time.
 Some other competition pictures.

She has improved her dancing skills so much this year.  I'm so proud of her for all her hard work and spunkiness.  Rosie really loves to dance.  She even got the flexibility award from her studio.  Yay, Sara Rosie!!


  1. So cute! What fun, competitions and family stuff! So glad I got to see you when you came to St. George. Sara Rosie, you are fabulous!

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  3. It was so much fun watching her learn and grow and perform this year! I couldn't be more proud of our amazing and exceptionally talented girl! I love her hard work and determination. Way to go, Rosie!