Friday, May 30, 2014

Sara Rosie's Dance Competitions

Sara Rosie did 4 competitions this year with her dance team: the one in St. George, Herriman, SLC, and Ogden.  One of their dances got first place in every one of the competitions.  The cuteness is just overwhelming and I'm afraid that I cried every time I watched her.

We did a bit of dividing and conquering for the competitions I took the Herriman while Jason did callbacks, and Jason did Ogden while I did Wonka.  Fortunately, we were all available for SLC and my parents came as well.  We all cried!
Then we made a quick trip to see some historic family SLC stuff and got some lunch together.  It was so much fun!
 They did professional pictures of the team (with "pretty" hair) and I had to order them.
Clockwise from Sara Rosie: Paisley, Josie, Ciera, Jersey, Brooklyn, Avery, Fay, and Sara Rosie
And I got individuals of her at the same time.
 Some other competition pictures.

She has improved her dancing skills so much this year.  I'm so proud of her for all her hard work and spunkiness.  Rosie really loves to dance.  She even got the flexibility award from her studio.  Yay, Sara Rosie!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eliza's Preschool Graduation 2014

Eliza is done with preschool!  It's so crazy to me!  She has had the most amazing time learning from Miss Amber, but mostly being with her cousin Makayla.
The graduation program was adorable and Jason worked from home so he could come to it and Wonka. The cuteness was overwhelming. Thank you to my parents came as well.  They are so wonderfully supportive - the girls notice and appreciate you!
On to Kindergarten!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Mother's day was lovely.  The girls gave me breakfast in bed (with a little help from my amazing hubby).  Then we opened presents in jammies.
We got all dressed up in our Easter dresses and tried to go to my Mom's ward.  Alas, there were corsages there too so we vacated early and I doped up on Benadryl.  But, I heard the girls sing to me!  Don't we look cute?!  My mom made us a lovely dinner and we gave her a present and cards.  The rest of the day we laid around and snuggled.  I got sung to and hugged!  I have the best job and the best family.
We took Jason's mom out to dinner the night before and got her a present with J's sibs.  Mother's day success all around.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Laura in Willy Wonka Jr

Laura performed Willy Wonka Jr at Hale Center Theater Orem the last week of school.  She was a featured ensemble member "Jenny", an Oompa Loompa, and a Chef.  She had a great time making new friends and performing at a new place.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures or video, so these are from Hale's Facebook.
Publicity photo they used in the local newspaper.
I snuck this picture before the play started.
She had many friends come watch her (Grandma and Grandpa F, Aunt Tana with Garrett and Makayla, Grandma B, Dave and Summer, Karyn and Lily, and of course our family.)  She was utterly adorable and we went around all week singing Willy Wonka songs.
Suzy, Laura's new bestie.
Sisters loved that they got to buy Wonka candy from the cart during intermission.  Well done, Laura!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Easter Bunny Day 2014

The Easter Bunny came on Saturday!  The kids dyed eggs the night before and had so much fun hunting for them in the morning.  That bunny sure is getting trickier with his hiding spots now that the kids are getting older.