Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week in Review

Since we're so far behind, we'll take it by days. Last Monday, Melinda went to the doctor. The baby is doing great. Mommy is doing much better. She's off her IVs, throwing up rarely, and suffering only from pregnancy onset lactose intolerance. Laura attended her music and movement class at the library and didn't flinch at all that mommy couldn't stay.
Tuesday, Laura went to her story and craft time at the library. We made necklaces from fruit loops but only half actually made it on Laura's necklace. The other half were in her tummy.

Wednesday was a boring day except that Jason finally got everything squared away (stinking bureaucracy made this way more difficult than it should have been) for graduation. Only three more months to go! Melinda read a couple of books and is currently enjoying the Pendragon series.

Thursday and Friday Melinda taught play school. The doggy puppets were a grand hit. Friday evening we got to go out to dinner with Melinda's sister and brother-in-law, Tana and Matt. It was great to catch up with them and hear first hand how Ben is doing in the MTC. Later that evening brought the bi-monthly girl's night. Remarkably, Melinda made it home by 1:00 am.

Saturday Melinda attended Stake Women's Conference with her mom. It was very uplifting. That night, Melinda was sick passing a kidney stone so Jason and Laura got to go swimming at "the beach" (swimming pool) for her cousin Keslie's birthday party. She was a little timid at first but got used to it after a while and can't wait to go back to "the beach" and swim some more.

This week so far has brought the passing of two kidney stones by Melinda. Laura has enjoyed her library classes and play school. Poor Jason is still suffering through Physics.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Welcome, Sophie!

Jason's brother Bret and his wife Ruth had their baby last Sunday. She was 7 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. Nice work, Ruth! We all went up to visit her on Monday night. Laura was initially scared, but as soon as she got to help me hold the baby, it was obsession. She is going to be the BEST big sister. She kept wanting to touch Sophie and see her little hands and feet. Though the funniest part of the night was when Laura looked at us as Sophie got changed with huge eyes saying, "She's crying." We got to explain that babies cry a lot. Laura went on a mission with her uncle Bret for baby socks and came back with him as great buds. She also was very pouty when we left, "I wanted to see Sophie some more!"

Sophie is darling and we are excited to have her as a neice/cousin. Man, holding her made me anxious for our little one to make an appearance. Congrats again, Bret and Ruth!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sayonara, Ben

Time flies. My second nephew went into the MTC today for his mission to Tokyo, Japan. He is spiritually prepared and blew us all away at his farewell last Sunday. Laura has already remembered to include him in her prayers.

He is a calm, intelligent and funny kid. I know that he'll be a great asset to the church in a country that is often difficult for missionaries. He may even change from being great at basketball to being great at baseball. We couldn't be more proud of him. Way to go, Ben!


Laura loves primary. This is a wonderful change from nursery, which was a battle each week. She loves the singing in Primary and that it is more structured. But really, it mostly has to do with her great teachers (yay Andrea!) and the singing.

We were a bit concerned about 8:30 am church, but it seems to be much better for our family. However, I may begin to complain about the time when I am trying to get an infant and Laura ready on my own. For now, church is much better. Laura prefers the time and is much more calm. I have actually gotten things out of sacrament meeting on this new schedule.

Here she is after her first week. Please note that she was selected as the "Super Singer" for Junior Primary. Have I mentioned that we sing constantly around the house and that she adores singing time?!

Princess Bedroom

Since we are going to need the second bedroom upstairs soon for baby, we decided to let Laura choose which room she wanted. She picked the other bedroom. We also thought it would be fun to let her decorate her own room.Laura chose "lello" paint for the walls. And she wanted a princess bedroom. This is what she ended up with. We actually finished the bedroom like two weeks ago. But the sign for the door is new as of today. Her crafting is hung up all over the house...adorable girl!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I don't know where she got if from, but Laura is crafty. Her favorite thing in the world right now is to "craft". She makes things from paper, glue, ribbons, etc and it keeps her entertained for hours. I've been trying to encourage this with new supplies like stickers and cool paper. But, Laura seems to be happiest when the crafting turns to food. She ADORED building a gingerbread house with me and loves to make treats with mommy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Magical Christmas

The incredible joy I had this year at Christmas is something I have not had since I was a kid and stayed up all night watching the clock. Laura "got" Christmas this year and being able to watch her and create Christmas for her with my wonderful husband was pure magic.

My grin just doesn't stop when I remember watching her. Here are some of the highlights! Presents that are true surprises...as well as ripping into the paper.A big girl bike!!!
Princess dress-ups! She wore them all day and has put them on every day since. Yes, there is glitter all over the house.So much fun that even the napless wonder couldn't help but succumb to the comfort of the couch and a new stuffed friend!We also got to spend tons of time with family. We are so blessed that we can live close to most of our family. Really, Christmas is all about family and kids and I got to enjoy both in abundance this year. Hooray!

Hassa Henta

What, may you ask is the "Hassa Henta"? It is how Laura used to pronounce "Conference Center" and it stuck. A little while ago while Laura was with Grandma, she asked her "What is the Hassa Henta like?" She just couldn't get it out of her brain, so the Friday before Christmas we went to show it in all it's Christmas decor to her.
She was fascinated by EVERYTHING. She just trotted along all over that big building hanging on to either Grandma or Grandpa's hand. Here she is checking out the waterfall.We also went to a yummy lunch at the Beehive House. (Apparently, I can never eat there in full health, but someday I will!) Really, Laura just loved seeing what Grandma and Grandpa do on their mission at the Hassa Henta. I'm so grateful that she is learning at such a young age how important it is to serve the Lord. Please note she also had to wear a missionary tag while there.