Thursday, October 30, 2014

9 Mile Canyon

Since Laura was performing all through Fall break we just crammed in a day vacation.  We chose 9 Mile Canyon.  The road had recently been paved and we had a great time.
We followed this guide, plugged everything into the GPS, and successfully found everything.
We packed lunch and treats.  The girls adored spotting the rock art.  We had fun scrambling over the rocks to get a closer look - we've got great hikers.  Jason got hurt, but we were prepared to patch him back up.  We were super imaginative about what the pictures could represent and read about the peoples that made them.
We learned a lot, enjoyed the fall colors, and had a uniquely Utah experience.  It was great fun getting out and exploring!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Melinda's Witches Brew 2014

You know you had a great time at a party when you forgot to take any pictures.  I had my annual Witches Brew and it was amazing.
I changed it up this year and instead of having a hat contest, we made a banner.  Yay for the silhouette!  I think this made it more fun and social.  Now if I can just come up with an equally good and simple idea for next year.
I have the best girlfriends and family ever!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Laura's 11th Birthday Party - Witches Brew

With General Conference, rehearsals for and then performances of Macbeth, we were incredibly limited on time options for Laura's friend birthday party this year.  So, she picked the theme of a witches brew and we got the invites out early!  (Yes, that's NBX wrapping paper as the background.)
Fortunately, I overdecorate for Halloween, so the decor was easy!
Coming up with a craft was not.  I landed on decorating hats.  We found inexpensive hats at Macey's. I bought a lot of fun items from the dollar store, craft store, and big box stores and then got some "cool temp" glue guns and the girls did great!  The garlands and skulls seemed to be the favorite decorating items.
Laura and I worked on the menu together.  We did homemade chicken noodle and instant cheese and potato (I combine two mixes) soups in cauldrons, fruit, and rolls.  Drinks were sprite with blood balls (frozen cranberry juice) or water. They all seemed to love it.
She opened presents with her friends.  The girls who came were her sisters-Eliza and Sara Rosie, her cousins-Kaitlyn and Emily and Lily (who's like a cousin), and friends from school-Sarie, Lucianna, Sage, Cheyenne, Reese, Bailey, Brynna, and Jordyn.
We then did a Costco cake (spooky purple and orange flowers on chocolate) and ice cream.  In case you were wondering, the mint chip was the runaway ice cream favorite.  Oh, and she didn't light her hair on fire this year.
We played the candy bar memory game to end.  I think that was the biggest hit.  They all were wonderfully loud and excited about it.  The girls left with their hats, candy bar, and a cool Halloween sucker.
It seemed like a very successful party!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Laura at 11 Years Old

Laura began her birthday with presents from all of us.   I'm pretty sure her favorite gifts were a make your own lip balm kit and a big bunch of gel pens.
Then she went shopping with Grandma and Grandpa for clothes.  (Gma Linda took her to decorate a vase later.)  She came home in time for her birthday lunch - no dinner since she had to perform that night.  She selected salmon, couscous, and roasted broccoli.  Instead of cake, she wanted homemade cream puffs.
Our whole family went to see her at Macbeth that night.  She was wonderful.  Afterwards we all went out for floats at Pop 'n Sweets.
Laura is currently 4 ft 9 inches tall.  Here are the results of her birthday interview...

Best Friend: Lily, Lucianna, Kaitlyn, Emily
Favorite Entertainment: Color with pens
Favorite place to be: Disneyland, home, onstage
Favorite movie: Curly Sue, Hocus Pocus
Favorite music: Owl City, Michael Buble
Favorite book: Wonder
Favorite food: Salmon, sushi, mushroom chicken, fondue
Favorite treat: Cream Puffs
Favorite activity: Being in plays/musicals
Favorite TV show:  Say Yes to the Dress, Cosby Show
She is constantly in shows and is working so hard at musical theater.  She is so talented at singing and acting that it blows me away.  Laura is also incredibly kind and still the very top student in her class at school.  She is helpful with her sisters and housework and is becoming much more independent.  Happy Birthday, and we love you, Laura!