Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summertime Frenzy

Well, Laura has been out of school for 2.5 days, and I'm exhausted. I don't think we can keep up this schedule and keep a sane Mommy!

We have counted it up and she has played with 17 different friends in this time. Almost all are at our house, which I love! Yes, I have always wanted to be the kool-aid mommy and have all the kids wanting to come and play at my home. I hope this trend continues and we have a house full of laughter for decades!
Laura has had 4 parties - lunch at Arctic Circle with Deb's boys, Summer Singing Spaghetti Soiree (On Top of Spaghetti is her current favorite song and now all of us can sing the 5 verses) with my parents at our house, a School's Out party at her friend Matthew's, and Becca's graduation party. Though I'm all for silly celebrations, a party a day all summer long may be beyond me ;)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Reason to Never Move

I love living near family. I love being included in my family's special events (see wedding post earlier for even more of this wonderfulness). My brother's family has included us in two wonderful ones lately!

Jeff, my so cute nephew that all my girls adore, just received his mission call. We were invited to attend as he opened it.
It was wonderful to see his excitement and the missionary glow, his family as they were so proud of his decision, and my girls learning how important these LDS milestones are. And, the girls also asked Jason about his call and got some family history out of the experience as well.
Jeff was called the Montreal, Canada (french speaking) mission. And he'll be leaving in mid-September. Thank you for including us and being such a great example, Jeff!
My adorable neice Becca graduated from High School today. I got a sitter for Sara so I could enjoy the event and brought Laura and Eliza to the Marriott Center. Laura really looks up to Becca, and I encourage it!
This adorable girl graduated with a 4.0 for all 4 years, piles of friends, musical and swimming talent, a powerful testimony, wonderful relationship with her family, and just so cute and modest and attentive to my girls! Yep, her example is a great one of an intelligent girl who has got it all together - just what I would like my girls to be!
Becca spoke (Best speech of the day and you can see it here!) first and walked almost last. And our usually quiet family hooted and hollered loudly for her. (Yes, I used to have a headache coming from Jason's family parties because I was used to my big quiet family instead of a big boisterous family.) Her brothers were awesome, parents proud, grandparents excited and we were super happy to be included in the celebration. I also love that my girls get a taste of big brothers in these events too. Could you move away from all this?! I can't!
I picked up Sara and we went to my brother's house for lunch and to celebrate her again! The girls loved being with their cousins, and I loved being with their family!

Friend Fun - Catching Up

I'm behind on my posting/journaling. So, this is a very brief catch-up attempt. I took the little girls while Laura was at school and went to the Zoo with Deb and her boys. We had a great time together - particularly on the train and carousel. And, it was really nice that it was documented by Deb and her camera that I went on the trip.
The kids loved the time together - the zoo and friends is a special day. Also, I was amazed how well I handled the two little ones on my own.
Yah, my write-up stinks. You should really read Deb's write-up here.
We also made a lovely trip to the park with Karyn, Deb and their kids. We all had a great time in the sun. Well, we did until I realized I had locked my keys in the car. Then, to my ultimate embarassment, Jason came to my rescue with all the guys from his office. Note to self: Make copy of key and bring to Mom to avoid repeating such embarassment.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mothers Day Recap

I was sick this last Mother's day. Oh yes, I threw up the breakfast after it was delivered to me in bed. Stinking IC Flare. However, Jason and the girls pampered me like crazy. I took a nap in the morning and when I awakened, all the laundry was done and put away! Yes, my hubby rocks! I also received a lovely ring (3 sapphires), wonderful homemade cards, piles of hugs and kisses, and sung to all day. Despite being sick, my little family made the day amazing!
I went with the girls for a quick visit to my Mom's house to drop off cards and give hugs while avoiding church and the orchid filled allergy inducing corsage-ness that is our ward on Mother's day.
That evening we went to J's folks house for dinner - which you can read about HERE. The boys were supposed to be in charge of dinner, but of course I did all the shopping and preparation work due to a busy hubby and late church (J still had to teach primary) and couldn't actually eat spicy bratwurst or hamburgers with my tender tummy. It was a lovely sentiment, however. And I had fun taking pictures of everyone.
The girls had a great time playing with their cousins. Laura and I taught Emily dance moves and the mommies watched a darling performance. And Sara bonded with Aysha in Grandma's fountain.

WDYL - Gym

I love my stationary bike that I got from my parents this last Christmas. It is apparently the only type of workout I can stick to. Its location in my bedroom also assists me in getting my workouts done as well as the low-impact nature of the bike. I am currently riding about 6 miles 6 days a week. It feels wonderful to be getting some strength back and losing weight after this baby. Now, if only I could do something about this seriously stretched out (muscle torn) stomach of mine - alas...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Weekend

My Sister's middle boy Ben got married this past weekend. We were blessed to be included in the celebrations.

It began by joining Ben's fiancee Alex as she received her endowments. It was such an honor to be invited and something I could never miss. It's not often I get invited to these and I view them as precious opportunities to show how much my family means to me!

Aside: Oh, how I love the temple. Being there - and even better, being there with my family - really puts my life in the proper perspective. It also makes me remember sitting with all the women in my family (all in a row as my sis-in-law and bro had a special role in the session and I was allowed two - Mom and sister - escorts) and peeking over at Jason grinning and my brother Steve and my Dad as I received my own endowment. Those memories make me love my dear family and the love and support they give to me even more!
We were also invited into Ben and Alex's sealing session in the SLC temple on Friday. (Thank you Mom B. for watching the girls so we could go and immerse ourselves in the experience without stressing over the kids.) And it was beautiful! It strengthened my testimony, my love for my hubby and filled me with joy to watch their smiles.
That night their outdoor reception got rained out and was moved to a chapel last minute. I took all the pictures with my sister's camera that night and spent the majority of the evening in the kitchen doing chocolate and fruit. Jason went home after the luncheon to be with sick Laura and the other girls, so I spent an enjoyable drive with my brother Steve.
Saturday during the day, we spent the time with David's family who came to the wedding from Seattle. The kids had an amazing time playing together and I loved spending time with Dave and Mel!! How we wish they lived closer.

Saturday night my sister had an open house. And I actually got pictures of that event. (Candy buffet in previous post) The girls LOVED their time there and particularly adored Alex in her beautiful dress. They couldn't stop staring at her and hugging her. It was beautiful and super fun until Laura over-drank milk and spun too much and hurled. So we went home a bit earlier than we wanted. But, I must say that my sister threw a fantastic party!

WDYL - Home SWEET Home

We believe in the accessibility of treats in our home! Jason grew up without them and now can't control himself when they are about. I grew up with them always available and now can take or leave them. The girls already are non-plussed when it comes to treats. In fact, the favorite treat in the "everyday" apothecaries is the cashews.
However, we all have some favorites. Jason's favorite is definitely ice cream and mine is a dark (72%) chocolate. Not a one of us can resist an A&W Rootbeer Float.

Sara adores cookie dough and we make it almost weekly. But she also is famous for her line "I like candy." And couldn't help but being first in line for my nephew's candy buffet at his reception this weekend. Yes, it took three other kids to contain her until the reception officially began. Though she ate almost nothing once she could partake.
Eliza is just getting introduced to treats, but she sure loves them as well. Ice cream and Oreos are definitely a hit. And the smile keeps us feeding them to her!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where Do You Live - Hair Salon

My girls are, well, girly! They love the hair bows I have made for them. Sara, however, loves them ALL at once. And she loves it even more if we all join her.

Laura has gotten into headbands. (Thank you Andrea for the pattern) She is super excited to wear them every day and feels beautiful each time she does.
I think I have at least an hour of work ahead of me adding to Laura's headband collection and fixing the love Sara has given to older hair bows! But, for those smiles, it is worth working in a hair accessory salon.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Silly 5 Minutes of Fame

While picking up the carpool kids, Hunter (who is 11) pointed out the coolest rainbow in the sky. So, when I got home, I ran inside, grabbed my camera and took a couple pictures of it. They turned out well, so when Mom suggested I upload it to KSL for their weather report, I took her advice and did.
Remarkably, it ended up on the news that night. And it was on their site for a while. You can still see it HERE (currently it is #509) It was super fun. Thanks Mom for the suggestion, and Hunter for the great spotting!

Laura's Choir Concert

Laura has been taking choir every Friday after school this semester. She has ADORED it. They had their performance on May 5. She was excited, very nervous and absolutely darling. Here she is waiting for the show to begin.
Naturally, she knew every word and performed every action perfectly. And yes, Laura was the absolute shortest kid in the choir.
Laura sang tons of songs and the whole performance lasted a half hour. It was so fun. The grandparents, mommy and daddy just beamed at her. Sara couldn't help but dance along and kept pointing out Laura. Eliza loved it. (Oh, and am the only Mom who puts her little girl in a slip these days?! I know I am ridiculously old fashioned, but I didn't think I was the only one)
Her favorite songs were "Disney Spectacular" "Catch a Falling Star" and "One Small Voice". We are all singing them around the house now. Laura was just wonderful and has already asked to do choir again next year. Isn't she just precious?!
Afterwards, she was so wound up that Grandma and Grandpa F (Grandpa B wasn't feeling well, so they went home) that we went to get Root Beer Floats afterwards and celebrated her accomplishments. She reveled in the attention and praise. LOVE HER!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

New Pictures - Better Smiles

I was not going to be as late getting Eliza's professional 9 month pictures taken. And, since I could take them in the basement with my new backgrounds, I wasn't. Even though her outfit hasn't changed (none of them had grown enough to warrant new purchases), I sure think she has. I love her smile, too!
I wasn't thrilled with the ones of the three girls together. So, I tried again. And, I'm not sure that they are that much better, but I updated them on the wall anyways. To get both Eliza (who was sick of her headband and tired by then) and Sara (who is still so busy) to both look good is a nearly impossible task.

Laura had some hair trouble and we had to get rid of her bangs. So, we took some new pictures of her without her bangs as well.

And, we had to take some of Sara too. Though, my goodness she is a crazy woman with very silly smiles. However, we did get one good one and one that captures her impishness.

I love the arrangement on the wall and that we have a newer picture of the three girls together in each of their rooms. Oh, and I got the dresses from Crazy 8 at University Mall. I love that store.