Friday, May 14, 2010

Laura's Choir Concert

Laura has been taking choir every Friday after school this semester. She has ADORED it. They had their performance on May 5. She was excited, very nervous and absolutely darling. Here she is waiting for the show to begin.
Naturally, she knew every word and performed every action perfectly. And yes, Laura was the absolute shortest kid in the choir.
Laura sang tons of songs and the whole performance lasted a half hour. It was so fun. The grandparents, mommy and daddy just beamed at her. Sara couldn't help but dance along and kept pointing out Laura. Eliza loved it. (Oh, and am the only Mom who puts her little girl in a slip these days?! I know I am ridiculously old fashioned, but I didn't think I was the only one)
Her favorite songs were "Disney Spectacular" "Catch a Falling Star" and "One Small Voice". We are all singing them around the house now. Laura was just wonderful and has already asked to do choir again next year. Isn't she just precious?!
Afterwards, she was so wound up that Grandma and Grandpa F (Grandpa B wasn't feeling well, so they went home) that we went to get Root Beer Floats afterwards and celebrated her accomplishments. She reveled in the attention and praise. LOVE HER!


  1. She really has loved choir and it was such a fun and magical night to get to share that with her. We sure do love our beautiful little girl!

  2. Laura has an amazingly pure and sweet voice and knew every word. My how we enjoyed watching her. She is beautiful and perfect. Sure love her.

  3. Go Laura! I am glad that she loves choir so much! I like to sing too!

  4. How cute that Laura is in choir! I did choir forever and LOVED it!