Monday, May 03, 2010

Zoo - Eliza's First Time!

We figured it was time to renew our Zoo membership. And, we were smart about it this year. So, if you want to join us/me at Hogle Zoo this year we can get some of you in for free!

The weather has been terrible, so we didn't stay there long. But, that is the beauty of an annual pass, we don't feel like we have to stay and get our money's worth. The monkeys were out and active and a ton of fun to watch.

We also loved watching the baby elephant Zuri. Particularly when she put a bucket on her head and ran into a pole! A lot of animals were inside. The giraffes weren't though. And they were so fun to see.

And, we had to ride the train!

We're glad we'll be going to the zoo a lot this year. Come with us!!


  1. It was so, so, so fun and a great way to spend the day. It was great to get outside and walk around even though it was kinda chilly. I love the picture of my monkeys with the monkeys and of Eliza with my sweetie. What great fun!!!

  2. You two can truly make the best of every day...great family memories!