Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Weekend

My Sister's middle boy Ben got married this past weekend. We were blessed to be included in the celebrations.

It began by joining Ben's fiancee Alex as she received her endowments. It was such an honor to be invited and something I could never miss. It's not often I get invited to these and I view them as precious opportunities to show how much my family means to me!

Aside: Oh, how I love the temple. Being there - and even better, being there with my family - really puts my life in the proper perspective. It also makes me remember sitting with all the women in my family (all in a row as my sis-in-law and bro had a special role in the session and I was allowed two - Mom and sister - escorts) and peeking over at Jason grinning and my brother Steve and my Dad as I received my own endowment. Those memories make me love my dear family and the love and support they give to me even more!
We were also invited into Ben and Alex's sealing session in the SLC temple on Friday. (Thank you Mom B. for watching the girls so we could go and immerse ourselves in the experience without stressing over the kids.) And it was beautiful! It strengthened my testimony, my love for my hubby and filled me with joy to watch their smiles.
That night their outdoor reception got rained out and was moved to a chapel last minute. I took all the pictures with my sister's camera that night and spent the majority of the evening in the kitchen doing chocolate and fruit. Jason went home after the luncheon to be with sick Laura and the other girls, so I spent an enjoyable drive with my brother Steve.
Saturday during the day, we spent the time with David's family who came to the wedding from Seattle. The kids had an amazing time playing together and I loved spending time with Dave and Mel!! How we wish they lived closer.

Saturday night my sister had an open house. And I actually got pictures of that event. (Candy buffet in previous post) The girls LOVED their time there and particularly adored Alex in her beautiful dress. They couldn't stop staring at her and hugging her. It was beautiful and super fun until Laura over-drank milk and spun too much and hurled. So we went home a bit earlier than we wanted. But, I must say that my sister threw a fantastic party!


  1. I am glad that you got in some good family time. Weddings are nice to attend. I am glad that you were able to help out your nephew so much. I bet he REALLY appreciated it!

  2. Love the idea of a candy buffet.

  3. It was such a fun weekend. I'm so glad we got so much GREAT family time. It makes me look forward to Seaside that much more!

  4. I love weddings! I am glad you got to be there for such a special time!