Saturday, May 08, 2010

New Pictures - Better Smiles

I was not going to be as late getting Eliza's professional 9 month pictures taken. And, since I could take them in the basement with my new backgrounds, I wasn't. Even though her outfit hasn't changed (none of them had grown enough to warrant new purchases), I sure think she has. I love her smile, too!
I wasn't thrilled with the ones of the three girls together. So, I tried again. And, I'm not sure that they are that much better, but I updated them on the wall anyways. To get both Eliza (who was sick of her headband and tired by then) and Sara (who is still so busy) to both look good is a nearly impossible task.

Laura had some hair trouble and we had to get rid of her bangs. So, we took some new pictures of her without her bangs as well.

And, we had to take some of Sara too. Though, my goodness she is a crazy woman with very silly smiles. However, we did get one good one and one that captures her impishness.

I love the arrangement on the wall and that we have a newer picture of the three girls together in each of their rooms. Oh, and I got the dresses from Crazy 8 at University Mall. I love that store.


  1. My, how much I love your precious girls! The pictures are beautiful and thank you for giving us some copies. They are in my daily view.

  2. The girls look so GORGEOUS!! Is there anything you can't do? I don't think so. Nice work getting the camera stuff figured out so we can have amazing, professional pictures whenever we want!

  3. Beautiful girls! They take after their mother!

  4. So cute! Love the dressed. You are going to have to take me to that store sometime!