Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Blues Party

Laura has had a rough year socially (lots of ups and downs) with a mean little girl in her class.  So, we decided to have a party!
It was one of the simplest parties I've ever thrown.  But, the success was off the charts. I enlisted the troops to help with what ended up being 17 4th Grade Girls.  Mom B helped at the party; Mom F took Sara to her own personal party; I ran the party; Jason did pizza and helped at the party; Diane was hired to provide another set of hands and was a miracle as she just stepped in and did whatever needed to be done before I asked!

I purchased piles of embroidery floss from the craft store and Walmart.  We taught the girls to make a 4 strand friendship bracelet (a little difficult in hindsight) and made sure every girl went home with a pre-made one to wear at school, as well as supplies to keep making them.
Then it was on to Pizza, drinks and the American Girl movie McKenna.  None of the girls wanted to leave.  But, we were cleaned up and back to normal an hour after they left.
The Thank You's from parents were many and genuine.  From my perspective, school is a happier, kinder and friendlier place now.  And, Laura is so happy!  Success!!


Did I mention that Sara cut her own bangs right before Christmas? She did. Fortunately, that same niece is a hairstylist and saved us. I think the pictures tell the story the best.
Isn't she adorable in short bangs?!

American Girl Dolls

Years ago Sara and Laura were given the American Girl Dolls Felicity and Samantha from my adorable niece, Nicole. They were well loved and my girls loved them even more. In November we learned about the "doll hospital" and sent the dolls off to get some TLC. The big girls were very concerned.
The dolls arrived back from the hospital 5 days before Christmas. It was amazing! We ordered them new heads and a special cleaning and it turned out beautiful - like new! They came back in hospital gowns with special instructions. The big girls were thrilled. Sara cried she was so happy and relieved. It was precious!
At that moment we realized Eliza needed a doll, so we got her an off-brand Target version until she can care for her own "real" American Girl.
They matched their dolls on the Sunday before Christmas and the dolls have been played with daily since. (As well as Laura's new American Girl: Josefina.)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas 2012: Candlelighting

Jason's Mom did her annual Candlelighting ceremony. We had delicious food and did the ceremony. I really liked having the girls and myself prepared last year with lists, so we did it again. The girls' are below:
Laura's List
Family; Jesus/Church; Food; Own Room; Lessons; School; House; Friends; Disneyland with family; Being in plays and having talents
Sara's List
Family; Jesus and Holy Ghost; House; My sisters; That we have enough money even though we aren’t rich; Reading Books; Snuggles and hugs; My bedroom; Myself that I’m healthy; My special stuff -pipe cleaners, shells
Eliza's List
Dancing and performance; Playing with Sisters; My family; Hot Chocolate; Disneyland; Preschool and Makayla; Reading books and snuggles in bed; Playing on the computer

Christmas 2012

We got sick on Christmas Eve. Jason got a stomach bug and I had a serious medication reaction. Christmas suffered for it. Christmas Eve we managed fondue, a few other Holland traditions and the nativity.
Christmas morning we opened presents. The girls all got what they asked for from Santa, clothes, books and a few more toys. Jason and I got watches, clothes, and books. All us girls got jewelry.
Christmas day we did my family's $5-ish gift exchange. Half of the presents we sent got lost by the Postal Service, but it worked out okay.
Can I say that I'm glad it's over?!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Dance Recital 2012

The girls did their dance recital and were utterly adorable. Check them out in their videos and in their costumes!

Laura's dance (please ignore our screaming at the man who was so rudely blocking our view) and part of her costume:
Sara's dance and costume:
Eliza's dance at the concert and her showing off her costume:

Eliza's dance in her classroom since she didn't know when to start onstage:
The girls loved having doing their performance. They adored being onstage and having us all cheer for them. They were magnificent!