Tuesday, January 22, 2013

American Girl Dolls

Years ago Sara and Laura were given the American Girl Dolls Felicity and Samantha from my adorable niece, Nicole. They were well loved and my girls loved them even more. In November we learned about the "doll hospital" and sent the dolls off to get some TLC. The big girls were very concerned.
The dolls arrived back from the hospital 5 days before Christmas. It was amazing! We ordered them new heads and a special cleaning and it turned out beautiful - like new! They came back in hospital gowns with special instructions. The big girls were thrilled. Sara cried she was so happy and relieved. It was precious!
At that moment we realized Eliza needed a doll, so we got her an off-brand Target version until she can care for her own "real" American Girl.
They matched their dolls on the Sunday before Christmas and the dolls have been played with daily since. (As well as Laura's new American Girl: Josefina.)


  1. It was the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen. The girls were so happy to have their dolls back! They are so loved! What fun!!!

  2. Oh, how nice. I love Sara's reaction, so sweet. How fun for all the girls!

  3. The girls and dolls could not be more precious!

  4. So cute! There may be American girl dolls (or something similar) in my future!