Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas 2012: Candlelighting

Jason's Mom did her annual Candlelighting ceremony. We had delicious food and did the ceremony. I really liked having the girls and myself prepared last year with lists, so we did it again. The girls' are below:
Laura's List
Family; Jesus/Church; Food; Own Room; Lessons; School; House; Friends; Disneyland with family; Being in plays and having talents
Sara's List
Family; Jesus and Holy Ghost; House; My sisters; That we have enough money even though we aren’t rich; Reading Books; Snuggles and hugs; My bedroom; Myself that I’m healthy; My special stuff -pipe cleaners, shells
Eliza's List
Dancing and performance; Playing with Sisters; My family; Hot Chocolate; Disneyland; Preschool and Makayla; Reading books and snuggles in bed; Playing on the computer


  1. It was delicious food and I'm glad Melinda had the girls prepared with lists. It made it so much easier and let them share the things they were truly grateful for even under pressure. It was adorable!!!

  2. The girls lists are so cute!

  3. We had such a wonderful time with our family. The girls were so cute sharing the things they were grateful for. It really touched my heart!