Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Dance Recital 2012

The girls did their dance recital and were utterly adorable. Check them out in their videos and in their costumes!

Laura's dance (please ignore our screaming at the man who was so rudely blocking our view) and part of her costume:
Sara's dance and costume:
Eliza's dance at the concert and her showing off her costume:

Eliza's dance in her classroom since she didn't know when to start onstage:
The girls loved having doing their performance. They adored being onstage and having us all cheer for them. They were magnificent!


  1. They were amazing and loved all of the fun and attention that comes from doing a great job at a dance recital! We had so much fun watching all three of our girlies!!!

  2. So cute!! Laura did amazing!! And Sara was adorable. Too bad Eliza's group struggled, but I loved her in class performance!! What beautiful girls you have.

  3. I can't even find words to express how adorable the girls were and what a great job they each did with their dance group. I had a smile on my face and in my heart!! Loved every minute!