Monday, September 12, 2016

RV Adventures

Did we mention that we bought an RV?  Well, we did!  We had been wanting the freedom of one of these for quite some time and finally found the Unicorn RV we were looking for - so, we named her Eunice.  For our first adventure we went to Mesa Verde, Goosenecks, and Natural Bridges.
We loved staying in the campground at Mesa Verde, meeting the locals (deer) and catching the most interesting Ranger Talk ever that night.    It was fascinating and Rosie was able to apply her knowledge about Ancestral Puebloans the next week at school.
We took some tours into the cliff dwellings, ascended scary ladders, and looked at lots and lots of kivas.  Jason became a master at driving Eunice and I experienced driving her in a torrential downpour.  The girls earned 3 Junior Ranger badges here: Mesa Verde, the 50th anniversary for Historic Parks, as well as turned in their packets for the Centennial badge.
Mesa Verde went a lot more quickly than we anticipated, so we left our campsite reservation and moved on to stay the night in Bluff.  Ahh, the freedom of an RV!  Then it was onto Goosenecks State Park. It was a brief stay, but utterly marvelous.  It was so fun to see the curves of the river far below and look out at Monument Valley.
After Goosenecks, we went to Natural Bridges National Monument.  We wished we had more time there.  There were some fun hikes with more ladders.  It was empty and we felt like we had the majesty of the Natural Bridges all to ourselves.
 We were able to go beneath them and really get some good exploring in.  We earned our 4th Jr Ranger badge here and made it back home late that night.  
It is so wonderful to have the freedom to explore all the natural wonders around us!