Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are We Ready?

Needless to say, it has been exceptionally tricky trying to get everything ready to my ridiculously prepared standards (yes, I know I'm a tad extreme here) in time for Eliza's arrival. The fact that I am currently fighting a lodged kidney stone, torn ab muscles, bronchitis, sinus infection, swollen prolactin gland pressing on my optic nerve, constant contractions, daily barfing and have been told to be on bedrest may be contributing to the dificulty here. (Yes, I recognize how ridiculous this sounds and how hilarious my situation really is.) But, if she does come on Tuesday (please let the amnio come back that her lungs are developed) I think we are ready.

The house has been deep cleaned to my satisfaction (thank you to Jason and Moms for your help) with only a few superficial things left on the list. My hospital bag has been packed. The carseat is in the car with a clean cover, headrest, etc. Her clothes are all washed, organized and put away in her dresser. And, with the help of Deb, I have binky straps ready and waiting.
I am exceptionally excited to have the nursery ready and decorated. I thought there was no way I could get to all I planned, but it's amazing how much I can do in 10 minute stints and while sitting down. The crib bedding has been purchased, washed and set up...and I love that it matches the current wall paint. I was also able to make matching curtains and polka dots for the walls out of receiving blankets from the same set. And a darling handpainted name from my Sis. is the final touch. I love having the nursery ready and waiting!

We also had to get Laura ready to start Kindergarten amidst all this Eliza preparation. Laura will begin school only 2-3 weeks after Eliza's arrival. She was lucky enough to get into (from the waiting list) one of our top two Charter School choices. This way, she can still be in Kindergarten but do both math and reading at whatever level her assesment dictates. Jason got her all registered. We purchased her uniforms - another plus, imho, of a charter school. We got her hair cut. And with the help of my mom, I got matching hairbows made for the uniforms she will be wearing. I think she'll be adorable and she is SO EXCITED to start "real school."
Yep, I think we are, please, just let Eliza be healthy and have her come soon. Mama is ready to start healing!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bits of Fun and a Big Thank You

Between many trips to the hospital and doctor, as well as days laying on the couch, we have managed to do a few fun things around here.

We did a few fireworks on the night of the 4th. I sat on a camp chair - most of the time with Sara on my lap - while Jason lit fireworks. The girls (along with our neighbor girls) loved the sparklers and watching the show in the street in front of our house.
Sara discovered two new joys. 1 - She loves a hidey-hole and her favorite is in the buffet in the entryway. 2- She can run the microwave by herself. And look at that cute haircut from Julie!
The girls love to dance for me as I lay on the couch. Sometimes they dress up, sometimes they do it to music or a movie, but I get several dance performances each day.
We stopped by J's folks' house for a few minutes and there ended up being almost all the girls in his family there at once...look at them all.
We made cookies and sculpted with the dough! Then we invited Grandma and Grandpa up for a little party with warm cookies - not made with the sculpted dough. (Yes, I can do almost the whole process while sitting at the counter.)
Laura has been doing many special projects while I've been down. She's worked on workbooks, crafted like crazy, and made cards and flowers galore. Most recently she made a chain to count down to Eliza's arrival. (The chain is long enough to get me to my promised maximum of 37 weeks and has a star on the day that we hope she'll get here after a good result with her lung maturity on the amniocentisis at 36 weeks.)
Most importantly I need to send out a huge Thank You to everyone who is helping me through this tough time! The biggest Thank You is to Jason who has been my rock, kept the house clean, fed the family, stayed with me at the hospital, put me back together emotionally and just been the best husband in the whole wide world. Thank you to Mom and Dad who have watched the little girls for more hours than I can count, given a special day to Laura, and accompanied me on scary hospital trips, and been at my house in seconds when I just can't take the pain anymore to put me back together. Thank you to Laura and Sara who have had a lot less Mommy lately and have really helped me by picking up, being patient, and learning to deal with Mommy's owies. Thank you to my girlfriends - Deb, Karyn, Andrea - who have called daily to keep me sane, fed my family, picked up after my kids, taken my kids, etc. Thank you to everyone else who has taken one or more of the girls for a couple hours, called to check on me, left comments of encouragement here on on Facebook - there are too many of you to count and I appreciate every bit of it and every one of you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sara at 2 Years

This post is rather late, but her appointment kept getting delayed, so it's coming now. Check out how much my Sara has grown. I can hardly believe she was ever this tiny!

One Week

Six Months

One Year
Two years
Her vital stats are as follows:
Length/Height: 38.25 inches (130th percentile for 2 years or slightly above average for a 3-year-old)
Weight: 32.8 lbs (97th percentile for 2 years)
Noggin: 49.75 cm (95th percentile for 2 years)
Brain: She speaks very clearly and in complex sentences; she get her tenses, possesives, etc correctly and can even be understood on the phone. She's got her colors and shapes and can count to 14.
Motoring: She jumps high and dances around everywhere with her sister - yes, she can do an arabesque. The slide is a favorite and so is coloring - just as long as it's not on the wall.
Favorites: Food: corn, salmon and Dum Dum suckers. Person: Lala, Grandma and Grandpa. Game: Dress-up with Laura or swinging outside.
Games: She is convinced that we are all an animal of one sort or another. She is the kitty, Laura is the elephant, Mommy is the dinosaur (kiss-a-saurus to be specific), and Daddy is the dragon. Sometimes if we call her a pet name like Sweetie or Pumpkin, she is quick to correct us. "I'm not Pumpkin, I'm kitty!"

Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July Escape

I've gotten a little stir crazy with this bedrest business. Therefore, we decided that the cabin would be a good escape and fun way to celebrate the 4th of July. It was cool up there - 72 degrees - and there were plenty of places to sit and lay down. I'm super glad we went. With all the rain we've had, I don't think I have ever seen the mountains so green or the flowers so plentiful. It was gorgeous and completely crazy for this time of year.
There were so many flowers in bloom that Laura and Grandma went on a flower hunt and came back with a HUGE selection. Check out Laura's "E-rangement" of flowers from their trek.
The girls spent the majority of their time playing outside, of course. They cleaned the cars and played in the water. It was great for them to have a diversion. And I'm sure glad we brought extra clothes.
Jason spent his time helping my dad get an outlet on the exterior of the cabin. How nice will that be for outdoor projects?! And then he grilled his famous ribs for lunch.
Lunch was the most perfect 4th of July spread EVER. It included Jason's amazing ribs, my Mom's unequaled potato salad, and corn on the cob. We all ate ourselves sick it was so yummy. Messy and yummy.

It was a great escape from the house and the heat of the valley. And, we're glad we did it yesterday, because little Laura is super sick today. Fortunately, I'm feeling no worse for the excursion...we may do this again!