Friday, July 10, 2009

Sara at 2 Years

This post is rather late, but her appointment kept getting delayed, so it's coming now. Check out how much my Sara has grown. I can hardly believe she was ever this tiny!

One Week

Six Months

One Year
Two years
Her vital stats are as follows:
Length/Height: 38.25 inches (130th percentile for 2 years or slightly above average for a 3-year-old)
Weight: 32.8 lbs (97th percentile for 2 years)
Noggin: 49.75 cm (95th percentile for 2 years)
Brain: She speaks very clearly and in complex sentences; she get her tenses, possesives, etc correctly and can even be understood on the phone. She's got her colors and shapes and can count to 14.
Motoring: She jumps high and dances around everywhere with her sister - yes, she can do an arabesque. The slide is a favorite and so is coloring - just as long as it's not on the wall.
Favorites: Food: corn, salmon and Dum Dum suckers. Person: Lala, Grandma and Grandpa. Game: Dress-up with Laura or swinging outside.
Games: She is convinced that we are all an animal of one sort or another. She is the kitty, Laura is the elephant, Mommy is the dinosaur (kiss-a-saurus to be specific), and Daddy is the dragon. Sometimes if we call her a pet name like Sweetie or Pumpkin, she is quick to correct us. "I'm not Pumpkin, I'm kitty!"


  1. I love our cute, brilliant, tall drink of water! I don't know what we'd do without our little snuggle bug. Love the Sue-Bee.

  2. i love how you put the teddy bear by her in the pictures so we can see how big she has gotten!! i love it!!

  3. Wow! She is tall, very smart and has a beautiful smile!!

  4. Give her 14 more years and she'll be wonderfully tall and beautiful.

  5. What did we ever do without our Sara? What a blessing she is to our family!