Sunday, October 20, 2013

Disneyland Oct 2013

Yes, we joined the rest of the county and went to Disneyland over Fall Break.  We combined it with our trip to visit Danny and Kelli.  We weren't going to do Disney, but realized with Jason starting a new job, we couldn't take any time off for 6 months and would go crazy without a Disney fix.
It was wonderful and magical and was such special family bonding time!  Our favorites were dancing with Mary Poppins, meeting Halloween characters, the breakfast, and renewing time together.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Laura at 10 years Old

I am so far behind.  I'm going to be back-dating these so I can find them years down the road. Laura began her birthday with presents from all of us.  She loved wearing her new skirt I made for her and was wonderfully gracious.  She got lots of clothes, some crafting stuff, books, CDs, DVDs and a science kit.  Both Grandmas took her clothes shopping this year; pretty sure this is an indicator she's seriously growing up.
She specially requested the cupcakes with Oreos in the middle and her typical dinner of salmon, couscous, and broccoli.  This time, she didn't light her hair on fire.

Laura is currently 54 inches tall.  Here are the results of her birthday interview...
Best Friend: Lily, Natalie, Rachael, Lizzy
Favorite Entertainment: Playing with sisters
Favorite place to be: Home, the Theater, Disneyland
Favorite movie: Monsters University
Favorite music: One Direction
Favorite food: salmon, sushi
Favorite treat: Ikea chocolate
Favorite activity: Singing
Favorite TV show: The Cosby Show 

Desert Fun with Danny's Family

The girls were begging over and over after the reunion to spend more time with their cousins.  Fortunately, Danny and Kelli were great about the idea.  So, we escaped over Fall Break and went down to visit them.  They were the most amazing hosts!  They fed us yummy food and had so many fun activities planned.  We chatted and laughed until wee hours and just had the best time.  Oh, how we love family!  Thank you, Danny and Kelli!!
We did crafts and fun when at home.  We also roasted marshmallows, played with the dog, and hung out so comfortably.
They had also planned a day of sightseeing that they called "unique desert experiences".  It was so much fun!  It began at something called Salvation Mountain.  The girls loved exploring this bizarre place.  I loved taking pictures.
Next we went to see mud pots.  Yep, that same geothermal fantastic-ness that we adored at Yellowstone. Except here we could get a LOT closer.  Six months later we still can't stop talking about climbing all over the mud pots.
We ended our day at some of the biggest sand dunes in the US.  (Technically they should've been closed due to the government shut down, but they are literally off the highway so we went anyways.)  We ran and jumped and swam in the sand.  It was magical!
Thank you again, Family, for such an amazing time!!  We love you guys!!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Laura's Tween Garden Tea Party

We had to do Laura's friend birthday party the weekend before her actual birthday because her birthday week was General Conference (so we were worried friends couldn't come) and the weekend after her birthday was Fall Break at school (so we were worried friends would be out of town and couldn't come).

We designed some adorable invitations and she was thrilled to hand them out. We looked at doing it out of the house, but every location was extremely expensive for something rather lame. I took on the challenge, saved some serious moolah, and we did it at home. Fortunately, a lot could be repeated from the Mad Tea Party we did for Sara. Thanks so much to my folks for taking the two little girls so Jason and I could put all our attention on the party guests.
We had originally wanted to do the party outside, but the weather turned cold and windy right before the party date. So, we changed plans and decorated the house inside. I used several of the wedding "poms" and a lot of different pink streamers (the polka dots were my favorite) and fortunately it all turned out very festive. The day was cold and windy, so I was relieved that we changed and had it indoors.
The party began by helping the girls get dressed for tea by making their own flower headband. Jason and I attached the felt to the headbands the night before and the girls selected their preferred flower (we bought tons of flowers from the dollar store for the party) and I hot glued it onto their headband. They wore it throughout the party and were all adorable.
Next the girls decorated their own flower pot. We used tons of fun permanent markers (metallics were the biggest hits) and stacks of washi tape. The girls were really creative and we ended up having lots of options without the mess and drying time of paint.
By then even the stragglers had arrived, so we had our yummy lunch. We did PB and honey sandwiches cut out in flower shapes (also made the night before) with fruit (bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries) and sugar cookies. The girls ate on my grandma's antique glass trays and drank lemonade or water.
While I cleaned up lunch, Jason taught the girls to make flower clips to hang from their backpacks. This was kindof complex and we were grateful we'd done a trial run the night before. However, the girls got it and each finished a clip. According to Laura, they were all on their backpacks at school the next day. This kind of thing is "in" at our school.
We did cake and ice cream next. I ordered the cake from Costco and decorated it with a most adorable tin tea set. This tea set has gotten tons of use since the party as it's not breakable and is pink - two of Eliza's favorite things. Laura accidentally lit her hair on fire while blowing out the candles, but we got it out in time.
Then the girls made flower pens with the dollar store flowers and school sale pens. We filled the pots with beans and stuck in the pens. I sent each girl home with her crafts in a bag (so beans wouldn't spill all over their cars) that Laura had decorated.
It was a very successful party and Laura was over the moon about it. It strengthened her friendships at school and made her feel super special - the whole point!

The friends she invited from school were: Natalie, Halie, Emma, Lizzy, Rachael. The friends from the neighborhood or family friends were: Angelena, Abbie, Kaitlyn, Lily.