Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Laura at 10 years Old

I am so far behind.  I'm going to be back-dating these so I can find them years down the road. Laura began her birthday with presents from all of us.  She loved wearing her new skirt I made for her and was wonderfully gracious.  She got lots of clothes, some crafting stuff, books, CDs, DVDs and a science kit.  Both Grandmas took her clothes shopping this year; pretty sure this is an indicator she's seriously growing up.
She specially requested the cupcakes with Oreos in the middle and her typical dinner of salmon, couscous, and broccoli.  This time, she didn't light her hair on fire.

Laura is currently 54 inches tall.  Here are the results of her birthday interview...
Best Friend: Lily, Natalie, Rachael, Lizzy
Favorite Entertainment: Playing with sisters
Favorite place to be: Home, the Theater, Disneyland
Favorite movie: Monsters University
Favorite music: One Direction
Favorite food: salmon, sushi
Favorite treat: Ikea chocolate
Favorite activity: Singing
Favorite TV show: The Cosby Show 

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  1. Laura is the most talented, sweet, loving, amazing kid in the whole world and we are lucky to be her parents! I love you more than anything, my little pocket rocket!!! Thanks for being the best and for being mine. I love you!!!!