Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Randomness

I was sick the majority of February. A stuck kidney stone stuck me with pain and infections for 3 weeks. But, it's out now. So, here is our mellow February in pictures. We spent a lot of time laughing on the couch watching our singing shows: American Idol and The Voice. And Eliza fell in love with the Kindle Fire: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, coloring, and letter tracing are her favorites.
Daddy was excellent as always. The little girls discovered the joy of riding the "cow". Little girls hung out on his shoulders. He was an excellent dance partner and a great potty partner.  That, is completely conquered!  No more diapers to buy or change here - HOORAY!
We visited Grandpa Dan on his birthday and brought him a present. The girls enjoyed reading with Grandma the same night.
We all did some crafting: the girls made a spaceship out of the new blanket's box (we're progressing on the master bedroom redecorating), playdoh was a big hit, Sara colored and worked on her writing on the easel, I enjoyed the silhouette, and Eliza got into trouble every time I left her alone - I suppose I should never shower.
We also installed an exterior door to the cold storage in the basement. I am amazed at what a difference it makes in regulating the temperature of the entire house in addition to keeping the cold storage cold.

First Big Snow in February?

We got our first big snow of the winter yesterday - yes, it was the next to last day of February. So, we rushed straight home from school and put on our snow clothes before it all melted. We had to get a snowman in at least once this year and I was scared we wouldn't get another chance. The girls started playing while I shoveled the drive. Eliza liked the mud as much as the snow.
Then I helped the girls assemble the snowman and we had a good snowball fight.
While I was cleaning up and starting the washing machine for Eliza's clothes, they made snow angels and turned the snowman into a snowMICKEY.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dinosaur Museum

We decided to go to the Dinosaur Museum on President's Day. Can you believe that we live 5 minutes away and have never gone? Well, now we are members and will go regularly. If you want to come with us, we'll get you half price tickets!
The girls enjoyed all the exhibits, learned a lot, and played! The big girls particularly enjoyed the erosion table. Eliza doesn't like dirty hands and wasn't a fan.
We also enjoyed the movie. Eliza liked that the movie was only 45 minutes - she just doesn't last any longer in a theater. I think we will be going back regularly!

Sunday Stylings

All the girls wore a new skirt that I had made to church today.  It made me feel like I had actually accomplished something in the past 3 weeks of crazed kidney pain.  I love that I can keep them in skirts that are fun and long enough to be modest!
Eliza picked our her own fabric on this one.  I think it looks even cooler with her pink and black checkered Vans.
I think this will be great for Laura's choir uniform!
Purple and ruffles - it screams "Sara"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

St. Patty's Decor

Sara helped me decorate for St. Patrick's Day and I think she did a marvelous job.  I love that she's in the helper stage and she adores holidays.
Oh, and my valentine's present helped me make the sign.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I love Valentine's Day!  Just doing a few, little, thoughtful things make the day incredibly special.  I also am a firm believer in celebrating ALL the love that is in my life, not just romantic love.

I went to Steph's Valentine Exchange again this year!  Her house was decorated beautifully and I died over her sugar cookies.  I brought a version of a neighbor gift as my valentine to exchange.  I also made a little valentine for my Primary Class this year - thank you pinterest for this idea.
The girls got their baskets filled with treats and enjoyed every bit of them.  The mugs have been a great favorite.
Morning began with a breakfast of "donut you know I love you a hole lot" (thanks Karyn for this idea) and yummy flavored milks in the new mugs.
The girls sported the "heart hairdo" from last year with glee.  I think it may have been one of the things they looked forward to the most for valentine's this year.  Sara sported it twice because her preschool party was on the day after Valentine's.
 Dinner was one of my favorite parts of Valentine's this year.  Andrea did fondue for Valentine's a while ago and I thought that sounded super fancy and fun.  So, with some help from Sandra Lee, we did the same.  We did cheese for the main dish - with broccoli, chicken, beef, french bread, and green apples.  Chocolate was dessert - with pound cake, strawberries, red apples, and marshmallows.  We ended the night with Grandma reading the girls my favorite Valentine book "Olive My Love."
Jason and I also took the opportunity to spoil each other.  I think we each had something we wanted to give each other and used Valentine's as an excuse to do so.  I got Jason a very cool impact driver and some candy.  Jason got me a Silhouette!  You'll be seeing our creations soon!!

Oh, and my girls got good mail!  They received valentine's from my mom and from their adorable cousin in college!  They were THRILLED!!

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Ever since Eliza potty trained, she prefers (seriously, vocally, majorly prefers) wearing skirts. I've been so happy that she is trained that I obligingly filled her closet with enough skirts to wear throughout the week.
This week I made her 3 skirts. (I also like a project when I am stressed, and having my Dad in the hospital with a scary infection left me super stressed.) I began with the cute pink floral in my regular pattern. Oh, I made a hair bow to match using this pattern.
While shopping for the first fabric, I discovered ruffle fabric and fell in love. I researched how to make ruffle fabric skirts via pinterest (I used THIS and THIS tutorial) and decided I could do it. So, I went to Hobby Lobby to get myself some ruffle fabric. The skirt only took me a half hour and is so floofy fabulous that sisters are insisting on skirts for themselves as well. I'm sure I'll oblige later this week.
At Hobby Lobby, Eliza and my mom discovered pink Minnie Mouse fabric on sale. Eliza would not let go. I figured that if Sara could ask for an Ariel skirt, Eliza could have a Minnie one. Also, I had little red polka dots leftover from Sophie's birthday Disneyland skirt, and thought it would make a great contrasting fabric. (The supplies cost me a whole $5) I like the ric rac detail, but learned through failure that I still need to topstitch before applying ric rac.
The new Minnie Skirt.
All the little girls in their skirts at Disneyland. Yes, we got hundreds of comments!
Sara in her Ariel skirt meeting princesses at Disneyland
Have I mentioned that I love dressing my girls?! Oh, and I really don't mind Eliza wearing (and dancing everywhere) skirts.