Thursday, January 07, 2010


New Year's Day was sunny and had piles of snow on the ground. So, we bundled the girls up like crazy and sent them outside to play. Yes, after over an hour of playing outside, their heads were sweaty when I removed their hats. I have a thing about making sure my kids are never cold.
The girls had a great time working with their kitchen items and even built a snowman. Unfortunately, he was not too stable and kept falling down to poor Laura's extreme frustration.
Mommy to the rescue. I went outside and we built a serious snowman (he is still standing days later despite sun and rain) and I taught Laura the techniques of filling in gaps between the snowballs with snow, and compacting. Since we didn't have a carrot or coal, we went for non-traditional snowman. We turned him into a snow Mickey Mouse. Though, I kinda think he looks a little more like a snow bear - polar bear? The girls were (and still are) very proud of him and I had a great time playing with them.

Laura had a friend (McKay) come over to join her outside, so Sara got "berd" and came inside. She asked to make cookie dough. So we did. And, she sure has enjoyed it!
After filling her belly and taking a bath, Sara spent some special snuggle time with Daddy and Eliza. Yes, it was a wonderful day of relaxing, playing and all of it family time. Pure heaven!!


  1. Great fun, great time together, great family!

  2. Looks like you have had a great Christmas and New Year. Learning to build a 'good' snowman (or bear/mouse) is always a good time! :)

  3. It was a great day. Thanks for being such an awesome mommy and helping the girls with their snow-mouse. They loved it!!

  4. Love your snowman! You guys are so creative.

  5. What an awesome you all!