Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bunco Hosting #3

I hosted Bunco on the 19th of this month. I used beautiful tablecloths handed down from my Mom which were given to her by her Mom. Then I used cranberry plastic plates and cups (ease was necessary) with my silver chargers - I wish I had gold chargers to go with the tablecloths, but silver still looked good. I think they turned out nicely.
For dinner I served the two kinds of quiche that I tried out on Christmas morning along with croissants, a light salad, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and 2-liters of soda. I think all women like quiche, but very few men do. So, I thought it was a good choice for a ladies party. And, in case someone didn't like quiche, I had salad and croissants...thank you Mama for raising me right and teaching me to always have options and plenty of food!
My favorite part of the month were the prizes. I did paper products. I mean, how hilarious is it to go home toting a HUGE (size wise) prize?! And, who doesn't have a need for paper products in their storage - especially after the expensive December budget?! It was also nice to be able to customize easily and get prizes at the EXACT price for each winner.
My big effort for the month was that I made felt table covers for us to play on because of various table surfaces - "squishy, rough, sticky, hard, dirty", etc. - and I thought they would be super nice. I loved the felt covers (as does Jason when we play Farkle/Hot Dice), and thought that they made the surfaces all uniform and fixed all the abovementioned problems. However, from all I heard, I think I may have been one of the only ones who enjoyed them for Bunco. Glad that we like them at home!


  1. I stand behind my opinion that it was a great night! I liked the felt covers. I wish I was as talented as you!

  2. are a great cook and everything you do has a touch of class! Well done!

  3. I wish I could have come. It sounds awesome!

    I will have to come play on your felt covers so I can tell you how fabulous they are!

  4. Your felt covers are exceptionally classy and clever. You are a wonderful hostess. Everything is so well thought out and planned. I loved seeing those dear old tablecloths. You made them look lovely.

  5. I love the felt covers and since we're going to be the ones who use them the most, then it's a good thing we both love them. You are amazing, wonderful, and talented and thank you for being my best friend!!!