Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas 2009: Fitz Fam Party

My family party took place on it's usual 23rd date this year. So, we recovered from driving back from CA for one day and then got to go play some more! We had yummy food (Soups by Mom and Tana, Salad and Rolls by me, Dessert by Jen) and lots of laughs and the $5-ish gift exchange.

Laura spent all her time with Kaitlyn, of course. But they spread their time around others wonderfully. And, those two really loved the gift part - I think 6 is one of those magical Christmas ages.

Jason helped run the new technology for the year - Skype. Videoconferencing made the gift exchange SO much more fun and interactive. I loved how much it included the out of town family! And, he had a great time catching up with all the kids too.
Eliza, after getting acquainted with Makayla, slept through the party. Though I thought she was dressing darling for the event ("Mommy's Little Deer" onesie), she wasn't around for much of it. Fake baby, continues!
Sara, after a few minutes of warming up, hugged on everyone. She made my nephew's new fiancee Alex feel welcome by plopping on her lap. When Garrett got hurt, she kissed him better a thousand times and got him a bandaid. And, she spent some time with me (much of it in the bathroom examining the cool Cinderella items that were there) and Grandma too. She also was an excellent helper to anyone who needed "help" opening their present. Yes, mine got opened a good 8 people before my turn! Another big highlight for her was that she gave to "Nuncle Steve" and helped him open his present from her.

It was a great night and a good reminder of why we love to be home as much as we love to be in Disneyland.


  1. Thanks for documenting our wonderful time together. Our family is awesome - lots of love for everyone!

  2. Wonderful family...wonderful party!

  3. The "out of town" family enjoyed it too!