Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009: Pre-Vacation

We squeezed in a couple of Christmas things before taking off for Disney. We got all the presents wrapped and purchased. We also got the Christmas Cards mailed out, without a letter this year. Everyone keeps up with us on the blog and/or Facebook, and we really didn't need a letter, right?! And, we got the neighbor gifts out and delivered. It was simple this year; and useful too. I hope it was taken in the right spirit. How would you have taken it?
Santa and Mrs Claus were at Maceys on one of our last runs. Just add it to the list of reasons I love Maceys. Fortunately, I carry a camera in my purse. It was great for the girls to see Santa without a line. And, Mrs Claus was wonderful to Sara.
We also saw Santa at California Adventure, but I really like him in his traditional garb like he wore at Maceys. Have I mentioned that I love Maceys?!


  1. I think the neighbor gifts were a hit. PHEW! And you have got to love Macey's. It was nice to get so much done so we could just relax and enjoy the vacation.

  2. I love Macey's too! I wish we had made it to see santa at the store, Mrs. Claus is so cute.

    p.s. I might steal your soda and scotch for next year.

  3. The girls with Santa are adorable!

  4. The girls with Santa are adorable!

  5. Funny neighbor gift! The picture with Santa are super cute.