Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hints of Christmas

There are more little signs of Christmas popping up all over the house making me cheery! I found more apothecaries and they arrived in the mail. I think I am going to keep them up year round and fill them with season-appropriate candy.
Sara, another lover of fun socks, regularly dons christmas socks. She loves her Santa ones and light-up rudolph ones best. Poor Laura has to wear uniform socks most days and isn't joining in on this part of the season.
But, Laura sure is taking the time to read all the Christmas books I put out. And, she's wonderful about reading them to Sara as well.
Delightful packages are appearing at our door. Yes, almost all bits of Christmas shopping that were not covered by the Disney trip were done online this year. Okay, and we couldn't help ourselves on a couple Cyber Monday deals - bottom package.
There are babies sleeping in heavenly peace around here. Yep, Sara makes sure that Eliza always has baby Jesus from the nativity with her. Baby Jesus spends time in the crib, bouncy seat, etc.
I moved a couple of my items won from Buncos this month and last to the sides of my hearth. I like them!
Yep, Christmastime is upon us and I love the cheer that is filling the house!


  1. We've got to enjoy the Christmas season while we can since we won't be home for a big chunk of it. I think it's perfect!!!

  2. I love that Sara knows baby Jesus is important and wants Eliza to have Him with her, and there He is laying there by Eliza. Sweet girls.

  3. I love those jars! I totally need to find some of those! Where did you find them?!

    I think it's so cute that baby Jesus gets to hang out with Eliza. Your girls are awesome!

  4. Happy Disneylanding! Love ya!

  5. Everything look amazing...the girls are so darling. Thank you for teaching them, at such a young age, all about is never to soon to make Him a part of our lives!