Saturday, December 05, 2009

First Week of December

Despite feeling worse than I have since I was pregnant - 6th kidney stone post baby, hernia, torn abdominal muscles, nerve damage with searing pain, IC flare, and hives all over my throat - I have done a few fun things this first week of December. (Aside to anyone who has encountered me this week: I apologize for my spaciness, impatience and constantly being on the verge of tears with all this pain. I really don't feel like myself at all and am taking all the steps I can to try to fix it, but it is going much too slowly.)

I went again to the Scholastic Book Sale . It was a great time being with Karyn, Andrea and Heather. And, a bonus was that I ran into Steph and Creed there too. I loved having a few moments without the kids and got some great items. Sara loved discovering all the new books in the box when I got home - though a few did get hidden for Christmas. I think Sara in the second picture shows how we all feel about books in this house.
A favorite find was this book. Laura loves the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems. She just thinks they are so funny. Yep, with all the new fodder around, Laura read a full 60 minutes by the end of Saturday! That makes for an easier homework week for all. Woot Woot!
Another great find was the "Olive the Other Reindeer" advent calendar. Sara loved it so much that she got into it when we weren't looking. Some of the little figures are currently missing, "12-15", and unless they are found, all thoughts of reusing the calendar are out the window. Fortunately, those days are while we are gone and won't be too terribly missed this year.
We also attended Jason's Mom's annual candlelighting ceremony this Saturday. Linda did a beautiful job on the party. It changed to a brunch this year and was very successful; I brought cinnamon twists. Poor Eliza (and even Sara - okay, and the very pained me too) just couldn't take the noise/chaos. Eliza wouldn't eat or sleep and just lost it after being there only 2 hours so we had to leave. Laura sure enjoyed herself and her time with Emily, however. And, me being super stressed over two upset babies only snapped this picture of the event.
I also have to mention how proud I was of Laura at the party. She was respectful, attentive and kind. Thank you, Laura for being such a great kid and wonderful example to your little sisters. I love you!


  1. We do all love books and have had a lot going on despite Melinda feeling horribly. Hopefully we'll get some answers from the doctor this week and can get whatever is wrong fixed. I sure love my amazingly patient, tough, and easy going Melinda. I sure love you, Babe!!!!

  2. I wish I had gone with you to the sale! My boys would have loved an advent calendar and all the books... but then again, it's good I didn't go and spend all that money!

    I hope you feel better lady. Let me know if you need me to come over and help you with anything? How about Wednesday morning?

  3. Melinda so very sorry that you are still having the aftermath of a very difficult pregnacy piled on top of old health issues. Ug...hopefully this will all be resolved very soon...hang in there sweetie?
    Glad you were able to come to our party and stay as long as you were able...I agree it was a fun time!

  4. Ok next time there is a scholastic sale... take me with you! Love reading your blog, your a good mommy.