Saturday, December 05, 2009

Eliza at 4 Months

Wow. Eliza is 4 months old. It feels like she has always been here. We all just love this kid like crazy. She seriously enhances all of our lives.
Her stats that we got from her 4 month appointment are as follows (and they have now moved her from the preemie chart to the "regular" chart)
Length: 24.25 inches long - 90th percentile
Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz - 60th percentile
Head: 39.7 cm - 25th percentile
Now, no one wonders why her cheeks are so chub-fabulous...small head plus good weight equals awesome cheeks. Oh, and we started her on some solids (rice cereal) in this past month and she loves it. Yep, just like her sisters, we can't shovel it in fast enough!
Eliza is still wonderfully good-natured. She charms all of us with her ready smile, her adorable little cough-laugh, her "angel talk" and tolerance. She loves to be held by anyone and deals with some serious love/smothering. Truly, she completes our family.


  1. How we enjoy your precious and perfect angel, Eliza. She brings happiness to anyone she is around and just by being her, knows how to melt our hearts.

  2. She is an amazing baby. And my personal favorite thing about her lately is her "cough" laugh. It just cracks me up. Cute little bug!

  3. What a beatiful baby...she lights up the room with her smile. Lucky Eliza she has two awesome big sisters!