Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swim Ends for the Season

Swimming lessons are over and they were great! The big girls learned so much and had a great time. They both loved their teachers, Sara and Caity.
I adored seeing both of their little wet faces smiling at me over the side of the pool. And they loved spying Eliza and I watching them.
Sara was one of the best monkeys on the side - the only one in her class who would actually dance. And Laura was one of the best gliders in her class. They both were impressively fearless.
They also both loved playing in the circles. Ring around the rosey and a version of monkey and the middle were sung and played loudly.
They both passed their levels with flying colors. Naturally, we went for a treat to celebrate. Their request?? - dipped cones with Grandma and Grandpa of course!
Eliza was so good and tolerant of the swimming lessons. Her little face smiling at me through the heat and waiting was just magical. She also became insanely quick at grabbing my sunglasses.
We can't wait to do it all again next year!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kennecott - Crazy Day

I was actually feeling decent last Thursday, so I ended up having a crazy day. Piano lessons and swim lessons in the morning, then I snagged my parents and we all took advantage of the free entrance and went to see the Bingham Canyon Mine. I mean, the world's largest open pit copper mine is in my backyard and we haven't seen it - so we went. (And we saw Jason's sister and her family there too.) It was crazy crowded, so we are planning a return trip.

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures because things were so interesting. I really loved all the old things and learning! I love a good history and geology lesson. Sara was a pain the whole time (I think due to some carsickness) but seemed to enjoy being outside. Laura dug all of it, but particularly the Olympic medals. Eliza enjoyed Grandpa and outside and was good as usual.
We also loved how much the whole experience messed with our perspective. Everything was just so huge that it was hard to comprehend, a little scary and totally bizarre. (In the huge picture, the little red truck is a normal truck and the dots across the way are the dump trucks with six of the huge wheels in the top picture.)
The drive was also quite fabulous - except for some strange brake noises. Grandpa told us stories of growing up there and his memories. We got amazing views of the valley, and even found a great sign showing that this really is where my Dad's family came from!
When we got home, and Jason got home, I cooked an amazing Chicken Divan from Sandra Lee's magazine! Then we sent Jason off to work on Deb and Joe's roof.
The girls and I stopped at one walmart to shop, but it was closed due to a power failure. Tried unsuccessfully to get the car washed while realizing that it wasn't just a dirty car - the brakes in the van were shot. We went to another walmart across town to get milk and school supplies. Then I bathed the girls and got them in bed just in time to hug Jason who got back from roofing. Phew - crazy and fun day! And a good thing that I got it all in, because the sicks hit really hard the next day and still haven't left!

Sprinkler Cousins

The kids had gotten along so great in Seaside, that when I was still feeling well, we had to see them again! The day was hot so we turned on the sprinkler and the kids did some cooking and cooling down!
Heather and I tried to keep the babies in the shade. Could these two cousins who are so close in age be any cuter?! And she and I had a great time chatting - for some reason we never end up at the same table long enough at bunco to get caught up! It was wonderful and I can't wait to do it again as soon as my tummy will let me!

Treasure Hunt 2010

Well, apparently I'm not going to get my entire family reunion/vacation in one post, so I'll do it in batches! One of the biggest highlights of all the family getting together are the treasure hunts - see past ones here, here and here. We have done them forever and they are always fantastic. This year my parents went above and beyond with their pirate theme - costumes, bags, clues, everything was pirate-tastic! And they got almost all their 20 grandkids (and even some greats) to participate!
The wonderful traditional elements were there. There was candy to be found everywhere - loot bags were filled! And clues were read and followed.
My parents had the brilliant plan of pairing up an older kid with a younger one, so no one got left behind. It made it even more fun that way!
Sara and Kimberly
Laura and Demi
My folks also had a great time teasing the kids. Some of the prizes were skeleton hands, rats (very tasty according to Eliza), there was a fake treasure at the beach, they had to walk a plank and the kids were totally shocked by digging up a skeleton before they hit their actual treasure.

The adults had a great time following the kids, sneaking candy and taking pictures! SO MUCH FUN - thanks Mom and Dad for all your work; it was definitely a success!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WDYL - Disney (and we include friends too)

The summer and our house seemed a bit boring after the family reunion, so we have done a few things to spice it up. A favorite was that we had a Disney day! We made Disney hats, ate lunch off Disney plates, dressed in Disney gear and pins, danced to Disney music, pretended to go on rides, colored our favorite friends, met lots of characters (stuffed animals) and had Mickey pancakes for dinner.

We were super lucky that lots of our friends and family stopped by and played with us on Disney day. Garrett hung out with us in the morning and Makayla looked darling in his hat! My Mom joined us for the afternoon and Steph and her family joined us for dinner that night. It was truly a magical day!

Swimming Lessons

I've avoided swimming lessons for far too long, so I signed up the big girls for classes this year. Fortunately, the experience has not matched my vision (and memories of myself, siblings, nephews/neices) of screaming in terror and many tears. The girls take after their Daddy the fish - thank heavens - and are LOVING the lessons.

Sara is learning how to put her face in the water and blow bubbles, move her arms and legs, floating on her belly and back, and just get used to being in the water. She loves it. And her teacher also being named "Sara" is a wonderful bonus!

Laura is bobbing, floating, learning strokes for her arms and legs, and treading water. She also loves it and seems to have no fear - Phew!!

Eliza and I hang out on the side watching the girls, playing games and trying to stay cool in some shade. She also seems to enjoy herself.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eliza @ 11 Months

We snapped these comparison pictures of MissE right before we got on the road for the family reunion, so this post is ridiculously late.
The biggest news this month is that she is crawling. Oh my does she love that freedom! She's getting a lot better at standing so we have had to lower her crib. She loves to wave hello and goodbye, clap her silly golf clap, smile her huge grin, give slobbery open mouthed kiss kisses, and follow her sisters everywhere. And, she is obsessed with the bathtub, play table, and outdoor swing. Eliza loves to feed herself, but still has no teeth so her options are limited. She is a whiz with a straw and really loves drinks of anything.
**Thanks to my big bro Danny who bailed me out, and reduced my mommy guilt by having these photos on his computer and sending me a bazillion emails with them!

Girl's Night - Eclipse

It's tradition now - and a fun one. We all went to see "Eclipse" (on opening night at 8 pm) together: Andrea, Andrea, Karyn, me and a new friend Linda. We had a yummy dinner beforehand at Iggy's and then went to the flick! This, imho, is the best of the movies in this series.
And, in case you were wondering, I have the best girlfriends EVER! Not only did they bring vampire teeth, but they also commandeered the men's restroom so the lady with the bladder disorder (me) didn't have to wait 20 minutes in line at the end of the movie! Yep, they are the coolest ladies in the world!