Friday, July 02, 2010

Eliza Crawls

Miss E has finally mastered crawling and she's loving the freedom it's given her. She got it on Thurs. June 24 when still 10 months old. (Okay, baby book info done!)

Her motivation to crawl was potato chips at the cabin. Yep, she really wanted them. I kept her crawling the next day with sliced M&Ms. I suppose all my girls will finally crawl in order to get to tasty food: Laura for soda, Sara for chocolate truffles, and Eliza for chips. These girls definitely have their priorities correctly set ;)

Eliza is loving crawling around after her sisters. She does not like to crawl while wearing socks on the tile because there is not enough traction. So, she'll make sure to let me know to take them off for her. She is wonderfully obedient about where she can go safely and it's great to find her little smiling face outside the doors now as I run to swap the laundry or come inside after taking out some trash. Yay 'Liza!!


  1. Yay Liza!!! I just love her grin!!

  2. So cute! She's growing too fast! I would crawl for chocolate too!

  3. Go Eliza Go! What a cutie!