Friday, June 25, 2010

WDYL - Water Park

I like to have something fun for the girls to do the majority of the days in the summer. On Wednesday this week we had already gone to the park and were going to go to the cabin, so we hooked up our very cool Ball Sprinkler.
The girls spent morning hours playing with the water and then after a break for lunch, they went out and played again. I love having UPF swimsuits with good coverage so I don't have to worry about sunburns! Can you tell by the looks on these faces that they loved it?!
Eliza loved watching her sisters, pulling up grass and taking little naps. She is so fun!
The girls also love to play with cooking utensils while in the sprinklers. They make cupcakes, soup, and noodle salad out of water, grass, leaves and woodchips. It is great imaginitive play and we all love it!
I got some good crocheting done while I watched them play in the water. What a decadent day.

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  1. So fun!

    We have a water ball too, and a slip 'n slide. Guess I should get those things out for the boys too!