Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What do you see at the Zoo?

We just keep going to the zoo. We love it! And, we love going with different friends even more. It seems like a new experience each time we go with new people. We went with Steph recently (her write-up HERE) and it was great! The kids and mommies had a great time being with some of their best friends.

The kids really got into seeing the animals together and talking all about them. I think I enjoyed watching the kids interact more than just about anything!
They also suggested we all go to the bird show - something we hadn't done in years and really enjoyed. Nice suggestion!
We also had some special moments at the zoo with my parents yesterday. The memories we shared of past times and new ones we made were precious. How we love the Lion Drinking fountain - "we drink the lion's spit" says Sara and Laura. This was something I loved doing as a kid as well!
The girls really enjoyed sharing the zoo with my parents. Going with them made it even more special. And I loved being able to chat with them about the past - especially my Mom's as she grew up right near the zoo and shared lots of fun memories with me!
When we went with my parents the girls got a special experience of being able to dress up in the Asian Highlands. They loved playing one of their favorite games at one of their favorite places!
Then, there are some things that are great no matter who you go with and are just made better by great company. The carousel and train are always some of the highlights of our trips to the zoo. The train is so nostalgic and fun and the carousel is beautiful and exciting.

Finally, Mommy loves going to the zoo with friends, because it's actually documented that she went - thanks for taking pictures of me with the kids!
I think going to the zoo will be one of our summer weekday activity staples. We all just love it there! Thank you everyone for coming with us and making our trips even more fun!


  1. What a wonderful time together! The zoo has evolved over the many years to be really great. Thanks for taking us with you.

  2. It looks like so much fun! Hopefully things here at work will calm down a bit and I'll be able to ditch work and come next time!

  3. Great pictures captured of everyone having such a grand time!

  4. We loved going to the zoo with you guys! Thanks for inviting us!

    Anytime you need company for a zoo trip, you just let me know!