Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sara's Party!!

Sara is still in the age category to have only a family party. But, when she asked for Creed to come, I couldn't say no - when you've known someone as long as I have known Steph, she counts as family! So, we had both sets of Grandparents over as well as Steph, Larry, Creed and Ollie.
Her favorite part of the evening was definitely the presents. Being the center of attention was just amazing to her. She was wonderfully excited, intent, and grateful - we heard many squeals "thank yous" and "I love its". It was also spectacular that everyone coming knew her favorite things and picked perfect presents! We had Laura and Eliza pick their own presents out for her at the store this year and that was also super special for all the girls - Laura especially. We think Eliza just really enjoyed the paper!

Excited Sara and Laura!


Excited and Grateful

Dishing out grateful hugs to both grandparents

Eliza enjoying paper
Sara also enjoyed the cupcakes and singing. She loved picking out her candles and the pretty cupcakes. And it was fun to watch the Daddies scooping ice cream while holding babies. (Sorry for the poor-quality pics)
But, really it was all about playing with everyone and sharing her new presents. Here she is in bling from Laura, Eliza and Grandparents B.
Loving the Legos and Toy Story stuff from Mom and Dad and Grandparents F.
Spending Eliza's nap time playing with pop beads from Steph & Co.


  1. Looks like fun! Glad that we could add to the bling! I think that your house is going to be taken over by all that bling some day! :)

  2. What a fun party! I'm glad Sara had such a fun birthday!

  3. It was such an amazing party and Sara loved it, which was really the most important thing. Happy Birthday, my Sara girl!!!

  4. The food was sooo good and the birthday girl was absolutely delightful! We had such a great time!

  5. Sara's cupcakes look decadent!!! Delicious!!