Friday, June 11, 2010

Headbands and Magnet Boards

Remarkably, I have been crafting lately. I have discovered sassy headbands and they are my new favorite short hair accessory. But, they are expensive. So, I decided I could make them and hair clips as well. I liked them so well that I have and have been distributing them to my girlfriends.

Then I got sick of the museum in the basement. Or, rather, I got nervous about the tape ruining the paint. So, I bought magnet boards for the girls. And I dragged Deb and Karyn over to help teach me how to make fun magnets for the boards because I don't paper craft - Thanks, ladies. Laura loved helping and I think they turned out great. I love how they clean up the walls and eliminate my paint worries.


  1. Great headbands and great idea for all the pictures the girls create!

  2. Haha!

    Love the picture of me with goofy hair on the phone!

    I had fun crafting with you. I need some crafting buddies because my boys are not so interested!

    The magnet boards are super cute! I am going to have to get on it and get some for the boys' rooms sometime!

    You are a smart and crafty mommy!