Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day 2010

This was a great Father's Day! We let Jason sleep in - pure torture for girls holding presents and cards. So, as soon as he appeared in the family room, he was bombarded with hugs, Father's Day wishes, cards, and lots of expressions of love. They continued all day until church. He received special homemade cards (mine was purchased) a Mickey Mouse shirt and khaki shorts - outfit pictured below!
Jason is the most amazing Daddy! He works hard for our family, but makes sure that the girls always know he is around and that they are the most important thing in his life. He is positive and fun, but also knows where to draw the line and the girls respect him for it. The girls know without a doubt that he loves them - he not only tells them multiple times a day, but shows it in his joy and revelry in their company, achievements, random phone calls, and the return of love. Yep, he's perfect!
Eliza fell apart at the last 10 minutes of Sacrament and Sara screamed in terror when I suggested nursery. So, I took the two of them home (Eliza for a nap) after the first meeting. On the drive home, Sara insisted that the grandpas needed cookies for Father's Day. So, while Eliza was sleeping, we made homemade cookies for them.

Laura had made sure that both Grandpas had cards. She helped pick them out at the store and made sure that she and Sara had them made special and ready to deliver. Yep, my girls are awesome and thoughtful.

We loved being able to catch both of our Dads at home and give them a bit of spoiling on their day. The girls were ready and generous with their hugs and attention and they both seemed to thoroughly enjoy the special attention from the girls - and liked seeing us too.

I took the opportunity to take good pictures of the girls with their Grandpas! I loved how they turned out!
I'm not sure if they were all smiling because of the sugar from the cookies, but I think that it may have been from the girls' excitement and affection!
A special thanks to our Dads for all they have done for us in our lives and the wonderful attention and love that they continue to give not only to us, but also as wonderful Grandpas to our girls! We are so blessed to have you both actively participating in our lives and to live in such close proximity to us!


  1. What beautiful pictures! I tried to get one of my kids with Richard, but the mere mention of a picture got denied by him! I let him have his way. It was Father's Day after all! :)

  2. Thank you, My Love! It was the best Father's Day ever. And how couldn't it be? We have the best kidos IN THE WORLD!! I love you, girls and my perfect, amazing, brilliant and gorgous teammate!

  3. What great pictures you took of your daughters and their daddy. Not to mention the ones with the grandparents. Those are so precious and I know you will treasure them.

    p.s. I think you and Jason are perfect for each other. :o)