Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Has Arrived - Cabin Season

We went to the cabin with my parents on the Saturday before Sara's birthday - yah, I'm a bit behind. It always feels like summer has really arrived when cabin season begins.

Sara was old enough this year that we tried Little Miss Fearless on the zip line. It took some warming up, but pretty soon she was flying down it like an old pro.
Laura adored it too. She would have done it all day - with her tongue sticking out on every ride down. Alas, she wore out all of us adults getting her started, stopped, etc.
Eliza was initially interested in the zip line. But very quickly, she decided it was a horrible idea for her sisters to be flying past her in the air. She was very relieved when it ended.
The big girls also had a great time swinging. Sara is not used to a big swing, unfortunately. She let go when she decided she was finished swinging (without informing her pusher) and literally bit the dust. Yes, the owies on her face in her birthday pics are from the header she took off the swing. We will be bringing up her yellow swing the next time we go up.
Naturally, we did a project while we were there. We - pretty much Jason - built a new bench for the deck. And then we tried it out and my Mom caught us kissing.
After that, we all did our favorite cabin activity - relaxing. Nothing is more delicious in the summer than relaxing at the cabin!


  1. I just love the frowny face picture of you and Eliza. So funny!

    The cabin looks like tons of fun. Maybe after we get our roof fixed I can talk Joe into taking you up on your invitation! I would sure love to go up there with you because it looks awesome!

    p.s. love the pic of you and J kissing too! So scandalous!

  2. Looks like fun! I am glad that you got a picture of just you and Jason. Those don't happen often. At least, not for Richard and I!