Friday, June 25, 2010

BIG Backyard

Everything finally went through with the leases, we got our plans approved (a very long process) and the yard is really coming along!! I can't believe that in one year it has changed so much - see the beginnings of the process here.

Last Friday, huge strides were made. We laid the sod! Because our neighbors own a sod farm, we were able to install sod for only $200 more than seed. A tiny amount when you consider that we added 4800 sq ft of lawn!
Our neighbors and friends came out in force to help us and we are so grateful! It looks beautiful and my goodness do I ever feel better! THANK YOU!
Now all we have left until it feels finished (I'll still want to add pretty touches and a fence, but they aren't so time sensitive) is to rake out the rest of the gravel in the back. We will move the playset back there and eventually put a trampoline and shed there as well. Ahh...major progress!


  1. We have made HUGE progress! It looks so good. I can't wait until it dries out enough that we can start using it. I think the girls are going to go CRAZY!!!

  2. Hooray for grass!

    I am totally going to come over and play tag sometime.. or maybe I'll just let my boys come over and run their guts out. :o)