Friday, March 19, 2010

Trees Away!

My Allergies and IC at this time last year were terrible. I think the main reason is because the common area next to our backyard looked like this. Yes, those are Russian Olives!
Then after some serious help from the Elder's Quorum in our ward wielding chainsaws, and piles of work by Jason, and a unanimous vote by the members of the HOA at the annual meeting, our backyard looked like this at the end of the summer.
This Spring after bazillions of meetings with the HOA board, us needing to get measurements to make our plan for HOA approval and not able to do so with all the trees in the way, and the leases being a week away from being signed, we got in some professional help for the trees. The girls loved the help. Our landscaper "Roots Landscaping" and Carey Christensen who owns it, not only does a beautiful job, but is so great to our family and particularly the girls. They had the best time on his digger and watching him move all the big trees.

Of course, as soon as we started working, a few neighbors (none nearby) who hadn't felt involved enough in the leasing process (they didn't choose to attend the annual meeting and vote) threw a fit. So, now we have no idea what the next steps will be, if or when work will continue, and if it will be done by us or the HOA. However, we are loving what has been done. My allergies are SOOOOO much better this spring and the view all around our house is beautiful. Our windows are open all the time and we spend piles of time on the deck, just soaking in the views.
Nighttime view out the back

Twilight view out the back
Another angle of the back view
Side view of the mountains (and the cutest kids ever)

Newly improved side view

I just had to include the view out the front - even though it hasn't changed.


  1. Aren't Russian Olives the worst??? I'm so glad you found some improvement and I hope the neighbors don't give too many headaches.

  2. YEAH! I am so glad for your progress and hope that you or the HOA get to finish the project soon. Hoping you stay healthy for Tuesday (and if you want to Zumba on Monday, let me know). I am going there three more weeks and then it's back to Gold's Gym.

  3. Amazing progress and the views are beautiful. It is such an improvement!

  4. The views really are amazing. We used to NEVER open the windows in our family room. As you can see in those first pictures, what was the point? Now we open them every night and every time I look out it makes me happy. Yay for progress!!!

  5. Much better to get those awful Russian Olives out of there.

  6. My boys will be SO jealous that your girls got to ride on the digger. That would be SO exciting for them.