Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ahhh...the Mommy Job!

My job description (nose and bummy wiper, house cleaner, cook, laundress, etc) may not sound so awesome, my job is the best in the world! And, I need to remind myself this when those previously mentioned jobs fall to the wayside as I pass a kidney stone and instead of catching up on those, I take time to kiss, play, and read with the kids!
My job rules because I get to dress my girls in adorable things like baby legs, and watch as they excel in milestones - like Eliza sitting up so well on her own and loving toys. Though, note the girl will no longer tolerate headbands for an extended period of time.
And other times I have no influence over what the girls will wear, but at least I have influenced their vocabulary. I adore that 2 yr old Sara in a fake conversation with Eliza while wearing the outfit pictured below responded as Eliza to her question of "How do I look" with "You look 'istinguished and stylish."
I get to listen to Laura read to me each day. But, I love to eavesdrop when she is reading to her sisters even more!
Another part of my job is FHE organizer. We are doing so much better about holding it every week and the girls look forward to it all the time. Laura's mastery of the Articles of Faith is growing each week and the treats, hugs, smiles and family time are delicious.

Some of my feeding duties are reducing. The big girls think feeding Eliza a bottle is the biggest treat. Though Laura has done it for ages, we are just now letting Sara in on the action (Eliza is more sturdy) and Sara is proud. And, she just can't stop kissing Eliza all through the feeding process.
Another one of my jobs is mediator. But, more and more lately, I have just watched as the two big girls play together beautifully and require much less mediation. Here they are all dressed up playing "Go Go Jazz"
But, my favorite part of my job is "smile-maker" With these gorgeous ones to look at, how could it not be the best?!


  1. We do have the best job don't we!!! Your girls are too cute!

  2. Oh our girls are just too freaking cute for words!!! It' stuff like this that makes it so hard to go to work every day. BLAH! I guess that's what Disneyland is for. :D

  3. Eliza could get a job as the Gerber baby. Her smile is a knockout! Laura is growing up so fast it's staggering. Sara's comments are a hoot. All three girls are so fun, dear and precious. Sure love them.

  4. Kidney stone? That doesn't sound fair! So sorry!! But your girls are absolutely adorable!

  5. When did Laura get bangs? That really says how we haven't seen each other in so long. Great pictures! Your girls are fabulous, but you already knew that! You are doing a great job, Mommy dear!

  6. Such cute smiles on your girls!!!! They are always so happy. You are a terrific mother Melinda.

  7. Gorgeous girls... gorgeous smiles... great mommy!