Monday, March 29, 2010

Professional Pics

Following a string of problems (sick kids and then a downed computer system at JCPenney) we finally got professional pictures of the girls taken. Eliza was sleepy, but they still turned out pretty good.
Sara was not particularly cooperative during the pictures of all the girls, but they turned out well enough. I was so frustrated about trying to get there, that I ordered a background kit online and will try to get family pictures and better ones of the girls when it finally arrives. BTW, anyone local is welcome to come over and use it (free of course) anytime.
But, Sara did much better on her individual photos. I think these capture her nicely. She of course was in love with her dress, which she helped pick out at one of my new favorite stores - Crazy 8.
And, Laura of course, was perfect. I love capturing how much older she looks with her new haircut - bangs - and the lost teeth!
Now we will just have to rearrange the frames in the basement! It will be great to have Eliza included in all the pictures down there now!


  1. These turned out beautifully!!!! You have such beautiful girls and do such a good job updating pictures of them.

  2. Looking so cute!

  3. Our girls are the cutest things in the world! Of course, I'm a little biased! :D

  4. Those outfits are SO cute! And so are the girls in them! Of course we will have to go shopping together sometime to your new favorite store. i would love to see what they have for boys!