Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eliza @ 7 Months

The saga of perfect baby continues! She has been sick with a bad sinus infection, so we still haven't done professional pics (we really don't want to document her red nose for posterity) but here are her 7 months stats.
When we took her to the doctor for her schnozz, we found out that she weighs 16 lbs 8 oz. Eliza sits really well. She has just started to creep. She loves to laugh at her sisters, play with toys and eat any fun flavored solids. She also has great fine motor skills and manipulates and grabs all sorts of things - watch out you glasses-wearers!
Eliza smiles with her entire body and just melts anyone when she flashes that grin. It comes easily and improves all our moods!
We also swear that Eliza says "Ah-Wah". Yep, that's her way of saying "Laura". She says it regularly when she's distraught, has been left alone, or is playing with Laura. Eliza just adores that Laura girl!
Oh, how we love our little Eliza - she is growing up so beautifully!


  1. Eliza is so perfect and precious. She truly does light up our hearts with her infectious, beautiful and happy smile.

  2. She is such an easy baby to love. She is happy, calm, and that smile melts you into a puddle immediately! I love that little bug. We are so lucky to have Miss E in our lives!

  3. What a sweetheart! Love that baby and it was just great to hug on her yesterday!